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We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our LED green lighting application adopts the latest technology.
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The company is based in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China, and its business covers the whole world. 

We have advanced production equipment and automated production lines to ensure that the quality of our products can stand the test.
We are a professional team, mainly providing scheme design, project budget, product provision and on-site guidance for large-scale architectural landscape and advertising lighting projects.
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We have passed GB/T24001-2016idtISO14001:2015 International Environmental System Certification and GB/T19001-2016/IS9001:2015 International Quality System Certification.
Compared with other lighting products, our products have higher quality, more professional service, worry-free after sale, peace of mind when buying and peace of mind when using.
Shenzhen Xinhe Photoelectric Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and has been professional for many years, focusing on point light sources with independent intellectual property rights and other lighting fixtures and services.
The company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of quality first and service first and the mission of realizing value for customers, and creates the future of LED green lighting application with an efficient staff team.
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We are committed to producing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Therefore, we sincerely invite all interested companies to contact us for more information.
LED Mesh Screen

Professional LED Point Light and LED Mesh Screen Manufacturer Since 2004

Shenzhen XinHe Lighting Optoelectronics Co., Ltd Found in 2004, 12 years engaging in LED Industry. Main product is LED Pixel Lights, LED Linear Light, LED Power supply. 

We are dedicated to build such a company, customer respect us because of our quality products, our stuff and their family are proud of our company, global famous. 

Our company group including, one led pixel production base, one main production factory, one led chip packing factory, one led power supply factory; Factory size 6000m², 3 factory.

Year Established
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Factory size 6000 m²
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With advanced enterprise management and efficient staff team, we sincerely cooperate with our customers to achieve a win-win situation for society, customers and ourselves and create the future of LED green lighting applications.
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XinHe Optoelectronics builds every product in accordance with customers’ individual requirements. A selection made with attention to each detail, to satisfy every stylistic and usage requirement, 
Wall washing lamp is a type of lighting fixture used for indoor or outdoor lighting, designed to project light onto the wall to provide a soft and uniform lighting effect and add atmosphere to the space. This type of lighting fixture typically uses LED bulbs, which have advantages such as energy efficiency, durability, and environmental friendliness.
LED point light source has become an indispensable element in modern urban construction and landscape design. Its advantages of low energy consumption, long life and high brightness make it widely used in outdoor lighting and decoration. In this paper, we will introduce the manufacturing process of outdoor LED point light source and its application in different fields, and discuss its importance in improving the quality of the city and creating a beautiful environment.
LED rolling shutter screen, as a product that subverts tradition and innovates display, has many unique characteristics and advantages.
A point light source refers to an important element in an optical system, which is the place where light is generated. In computer graphics and optical design, point sources are commonly used to simulate the emission of light, and the light they emit is scattered from a point in various directions.
1. Leading the Journey of Exploration Whether in the hustle and bustle of the city or in the wilderness of nature, outdoor LED point light sources play an important role. They light up streets, squares and parks, creating a safe and comfortable environment for us. Walking in the city at night, those bright lights seem to be a warm hug, giving us the courage and hope to move forward; in the mountains and forests outside the city, those tiny lights are like twinkling stars, inspiring our curiosity about the unknown and the desire to explore.
A transparent screen is a display screen with transparency that allows light to pass through the screen and display images or video content, while also allowing users to see objects or scenes behind the screen. This technology allows the display screen to no longer completely obscure the environment behind it like traditional screens, but can integrate with the environment. Transparent screens are usually manufactured using OLED or LCD technology, with good color performance and clarity. Transparent screens have broad application prospects in product display, advertising, retail display, and other fields, and can bring innovative display methods and user experiences to various occasions.
With the continuous development of urban construction, people have higher and higher requirements for night lighting. Outdoor LED pixel light comes into being and becomes an important part of modern city lighting. Outdoor LED pixel light has the advantages of rich colour, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life and so on, which is widely used in urban night lighting, buildings, squares, landscapes and other fields. This article will introduce the characteristics of outdoor LED pixel lights, application scenarios and how to choose the right outdoor LED pixel lights for you.
A point light source refers to a very small and very bright light source, usually used to simulate the behavior of point light sources in the physical world. In computer graphics and image processing, point lights are commonly used to create shadows and lighting effects to enhance the realism and stereoscopic feel of images. In the real world, a point light source can be a very bright light bulb, spotlight, or other light source with strong lighting effects. In computer graphics, a point light source is typically modeled as a light source at a position, with light radiating uniformly in all directions.
Advertising Exposed Lights are a special type of exposed light used to display advertising and promotional messages in outdoor environments. They are typically installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, streets, public transportation stops and other high-traffic areas to attract attention and convey specific advertising messages.
Profile point light source is a kind of lamp commonly used for architectural lighting and decoration. It is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic profile as the lamp shell, and is
Top steel structure/square: used for connecting the square or steel structure with the wall, and also used for fixing steel wires and lamps and lanterns.
LED grid screen has a wide range of applications and offers a variety of possibilities, the following are some specific application scenarios:
Xinhe photoelectric crystal truss screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible and thin. It is extremely simple to install, without steel frame structure, and can be attached to the glass
LED point light source refers to a point light source that uses LED (Light-Emitting Diode, light-emitting diode) as the light source. LED point light source has the following characteristics:
With the maturity of LED display technology, in the traditional small-pitch, indoor and outdoor advertising, grille screen, etc., the competition is increasingly fierce.
LED transparent screen: Transparent Display is a special type of display technology that allows light to pass through the screen while displaying content, making objects or environments behind the screen visible. Unlike traditional display screens, transparent screens have high transparency and visibility, providing users with a unique visual experience.
LED meshScreen is an innovative display technology that has attracted attention for its flexibility, high customisability and outstanding visual effects.In this article, we will provide you with a detailed introduction to the product features, advantages and application areas of LED mesh screen.
LED outdoor point light source is a kind of lighting products commonly used in outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, with the following advantages and wide applications:
1.Introduction to transparent screen: Indoor transparent screen is a new type of display technology that can realize displaying images or videos on transparent glass or plastic panels, thus creating a realistic virtual reality
A point light source refers to an idealized light source that emits light from only one point in space, and the direction of the light is uniform
Our point light source is equipped with imported international brand chips and Korui LED beads
A mesh screen is a transparent screen that uses an LCD or OLED, and its pixel distribution rules are
LED grid screen is a kind of flat display screen which consists of many small LEDs which are arranged on the screen in a grid shape.LED grid screen has many advantages and a wide range of applications.
LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible, thin, minimal installation, no steel frame structure,
LED point lighthas the advantages of adjustable color temperature, waterproof and dustproof, long life, low power consumption, etc.
As one of the most influential lighting exhibitions in the world, the 2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition was successfully held in Hong Kong. Every year, there are a wide range of lighting lamps, a huge number of
As technology has advanced, the way we display information and media has evolved. LED displays have become increasingly popular due to their high resolution,
Pixel Light is a lighting device with programmable LEDlighting effects. Unlike traditional fixed-color, fixed-brightness lights, Pixel Light is able to create colorful, dynamically changing
Grid screen is a large spacing LED display screen designed to meet the display needs of large areas such as real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, and high-rise building facades, while also taking into account the characteristics of light
Point light source refers to a type of concentrated light source that converts electrical energy into light energy through the use of LED technology and generates light on its surface. The following is an explanation of the origin and composition of point light sources:
Credit Cooperatives Optoelectronics will always adhere to the strategic direction of quality first and technological innovation, maintain the professional level and subsequent sustainable development of enterprises, and make contributions to the future of LED lighting applications!
Youth, vitality, professionalism and dreams, we will create the brilliance of the enterprise together and realize our ideal struggle together.
Xinhe Optoelectronic Glory Series Point Light Source-—Xinhe-K3003 adopts IP67;which is totally encapsulated and waterproof; Imported lamp beads, pure light color; Germany Bayer PC material, durable; Unique mask design, self-cleaning and other advantages, is a high-quality point light source for night lighting projects.
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Professional LED point light and LED mesh screen manufacturer since 2004, XinHe focused on the development and production of point light sources and grid screens.
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