Extensive uses of exposed lamps


Extensive uses of exposed lamps

Advertising Exposed Lights are a special type of exposed light used to display advertising and promotional messages in outdoor environments. They are typically installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, streets, public transportation stops and other high-traffic areas to attract attention and convey specific advertising messages.


Advertising exposed lights are designed and featured to maximize the prominence of advertising content and make it visible at night or in low lighting conditions. They typically utilize a bright illumination source and special optical design to ensure that the advertising message is visible from a distance and has good visual impact.

Exposed lights can come in a variety of forms and sizes, including large banner light boxes, neon subtitles, LED displays, etc. LED technology is widely used in exposed lights because LEDs have the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, color tunability, and long lifespan, etc. LED displays can also play dynamic content and multimedia advertisements, which make the advertisements more vivid and appealing.

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The 9mm exposed light size for advertising is one of the relatively more common choices. This size is typically used for large outdoor billboards, advertising curtain walls, or other applications that require higher resolution and visibility. By using a smaller pixel pitch, 9mm exposed advertising lights can provide higher pixel density and sharper image quality, making advertising content more distinct and vivid.

 The following specific steps are required for the maintenance and management of advertising exposed lights: 

Regular Inspection: Regularly check the overall condition of the advertising exposed lights, including the appearance, lighting effect, electrical connections and mechanical parts. Check for damage, looseness, corrosion or other problems. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean advertising panels, light boxes and other components to ensure that advertising content is clearly visible. Remove dust, dirt and other contaminants to keep the advertising exposed lights in good condition.

Light source maintenance: Check and replace light bulbs or LED light sources to ensure consistent light effect and brightness. Regularly check the life and performance of light sources and replace them as needed.

 Electrical Inspections: Conduct regular electrical inspections to ensure reliable and safe electrical connections. Check cables, wiring and power devices to prevent circuit failures and fire risks.

Adjustment and calibration: Adjust the brightness, color and light angle of the advertising exposed lights as needed to ensure the best display of advertising content. Calibrate and calibrate the control system to ensure proper playback and timing of advertisements. 

Troubleshooting: If any malfunctions or problems are found, carry out timely fixes and repairs. This may involve replacing damaged parts, fixing circuit problems or adjusting mechanical components, etc.

Regular Maintenance Plan: Establish a regular maintenance plan that specifies the schedule and frequency of maintenance and management. Based on the usage and environmental conditions of the advertising exposed lights, develop an appropriate maintenance plan and ensure that it is executed according to the plan.

 Codes and Compliance: Comply with local codes and regulations to ensure compliance of advertising exposed lights. This may include requirements for light pollution control, review of advertising content and safety standards.

The installation and operation of exposed lighting often requires consideration of local codes and regulations, such as light pollution control and advertising content review. In addition, it is important to maintain and manage the exposed lights, including regular inspection and replacement of light sources, cleaning of advertising panels, and adjustment of brightness and content.

 Through clever design and effective advertising content, exposed advertising lights can be an effective tool for businesses and advertisers to attract target audiences, increase brand exposure and promote sales. However, care should be taken to comply with regulations, respect the public environment, and avoid excessive interference and light pollution when using exposed advertising lights. 

Environmental protection: Take care of the environment during maintenance and management. Comply with local environmental regulations when disposing of waste and chemical substances. Ensure that waste bulbs, electronic equipment, etc. are properly recycled and disposed of.

Prevention of light pollution: Ensure that lighting from advertising exposed lights does not cause excessive disturbance to surrounding residents, traffic and wildlife. Comply with light pollution control measures and install shields or directional light sources as needed to reduce the level of light pollution.

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