The case of outdoor lighting products is to show the application effects of different types of outdoor lighting products in different scenarios through the demonstration of actual engineering projects. These cases usually include lighting design schemes and actual renderings of different scenes such as city squares, parks, and building exterior walls. By understanding these cases, people can better understand the application of outdoor lighting products in practical projects and their beautification effect on urban night scenes.

Look! The beautiful Xishuangbanna Man Ting Park has become even more charming! The entrance of the park adopts the latest lighting design, including many lighting fixtures such as Bean Point Light G3003, floodlights, wall washing lights, and line lights, making the entire entrance shine brightly at night.
The dynamic image cannot be separated from the bright light beads. This is a high-quality point light source that combines brightness, durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. It is durable, with a protection level of up to IP67, effective waterproof and moisture-proof, and can adapt to various installation environments. It not only adds brilliance to the city, but also adds a romantic and warm atmosphere to the streets and alleys at night.
As a representative of China's porcelain capital, the night lighting of Chaozhou highlights the unique charm of ceramic culture. Lighting skillfully makes the building outline and landscape decorations into pieces of art, giving it a quaint and mysterious charm. The night lighting of
In this lighting design, we used 150,000 bean anchors, which echoed with the surrounding environment and lighting to form a unique lighting landscape, showing the fantastic beauty of the building at night and adding more splendor to the New Year.Let's look forward to it together. In this vibrant city, in the days to come, the anchor will bloom more brilliantly!
Credit cooperative photoelectric 2830 line lamp is famous for its soft light, beautiful color and high stability. In the night lighting project of foreign cinema buildings, the cinema is like a shining pearl against the line lights of Xinhe Optoelectronics 2830, which makes the whole cinema bloom with unique charm in the dark. I believe that in the future, this product will emerge in more night projects and bring people better visual enjoyment.
The production of Foshan Mingmenhui full-color luminous characters adopts the bright design of Bean Point Light Source G3003. This lamp bead has pure light color, high brightness and long service life, which is very suitable for the production of full-color luminous characters. As night falls, the colorful colors of the bean point light source make people feel like they are in a dream world. It not only enhances the brand image of the enterprise, but also adds a beautiful night scene to the city.
The chess room in Heichi, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, is decorated with the LED crystal truss screen of Xinhe Photoelectric Company, and the transmittance is as high as 95%, which makes the whole chess room more fashionable, beautiful and modern. Credit cooperative photoelectric LED crystal truss screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible and thin, which makes the whole screen light and transparent, occupying no space. The installation is simple without steel frame structure, and it can be attached to the glass surface, which saves costs and improves efficiency. With the support of transparent background display technology, credit cooperative photoelectric LED crystal truss screen has created a very modern entertainment environment for Blackpool chess room in Baiyun District, Guangzhou.
The lighting project of Raoping River in Chaozhou is a unique project.
The lighting project of Lantingwan Tangquan Hotel in Baoding City, Hebei Province uses 60,000 bean point light sources G2001,
The high-brightness night scene lights up the city, and Shenzhen Shiji Hualian Supermarket adds another eye-catching attraction!
Fujian Longheng Fortune Plaza is a 160,000-square-meter urban complex, located at the intersection of Liuyi West Road and Tangbei Road in Hanjiang River, which has the traditional prosperity of
Located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Danzao Youwei Square is a new position for promoting the rule of law, which
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