What is the LED mesh screen
A mesh screen is a transparent screen that uses an LCD or OLED, and its pixel distribution rules are
Advantages and wide application of LED grid screen
LED grid screen is a kind of flat display screen which consists of many small LEDs which are arranged on the screen in a grid shape.LED grid screen has many advantages and a wide range of applications.
LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics
LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible, thin, minimal installation, no steel frame structure,
Application and product introduction of grid screen
LED point lighthas the advantages of adjustable color temperature, waterproof and dustproof, long life, low power consumption, etc.
"Interpreting Highlights and Classics" —— Bean LED Shines at Hong Kong Autumn Exhibition
As one of the most influential lighting exhibitions in the world, the 2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition was successfully held in Hong Kong. Every year, there are a wide range of lighting lamps, a huge number of
LED Transparent Film Screen: The Future of Digital Display
As technology has advanced, the way we display information and media has evolved. LED displays have become increasingly popular due to their high resolution,
Intelligent control of programmable pixel lights to create personalized lighting
Pixel Light is a lighting device with programmable LEDlighting effects. Unlike traditional fixed-color, fixed-brightness lights, Pixel Light is able to create colorful, dynamically changing
Introduction to Grid Screen
Grid screen is a large spacing LED display screen designed to meet the display needs of large areas such as real estate projects, commercial centers, glass curtain walls, hotels, and high-rise building facades, while also taking into account the characteristics of light
What is a point light source and its composition
Point light source refers to a type of concentrated light source that converts electrical energy into light energy through the use of LED technology and generates light on its surface. The following is an explanation of the origin and composition of point light sources:
Cooperatives Optoelectronics
Credit Cooperatives Optoelectronics will always adhere to the strategic direction of quality first and technological innovation, maintain the professional level and subsequent sustainable development of enterprises, and make contributions to the future of LED lighting applications!
Youth, vitality, professionalism and dreams
Youth, vitality, professionalism and dreams, we will create the brilliance of the enterprise together and realize our ideal struggle together.
Xinhe Optoelectronic Glory Series Point Light Source
Xinhe Optoelectronic Glory Series Point Light Source-—Xinhe-K3003 adopts IP67;which is totally encapsulated and waterproof; Imported lamp beads, pure light color; Germany Bayer PC material, durable; Unique mask design, self-cleaning and other advantages, is a high-quality point light source for night lighting projects.
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