Outdoor architectural lighting-profile point light source


1. Introduction to profile point light sources:


Profile point light source is a kind of lamp commonly used for architectural lighting and decoration. It is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic profile as the lamp shell, and is equipped with LED lamp beads as the light source inside to achieve uniform, soft and unaffected light distribution. This design can effectively hide the light source, reduce glare and direct light, and create a comfortable lighting environment. The characteristic of this kind of lamp is that it can provide concentrated, linear light, which is suitable for outlining, highlighting details or creating specific light and shadow effects on building surfaces or structures. Profile point light sources can be customized according to the application needs of different customers, such as exhibitions, sports events, concerts, commercial advertising, digital signage, etc. Whenever Christmas is approaching, it is used more for house building decoration.


2. Profile point light source has the following characteristics:


(1) Flexibility: Profile point light sources can choose profiles of different lengths and shapes as needed to adapt to various design needs, such as straight lines, arcs, angles, etc.

(2) Uniformity: The point light source design allows the light to be emitted more evenly, avoiding obvious light spots or uneven light.

(3) Energy saving and environmental protection: LED is used as the light source, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high brightness and long life, and is in line with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection.

(4) Waterproof and dustproof: It is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, has certain waterproof and dustproof properties, and can be used in various harsh climate conditions.

(5) Easy to install: It is usually equipped with a mounting bracket or fixed clamp, which is easy to install and can be adjusted and arranged according to the actual situation.

(6) Creative design: Profile point light sources can achieve diversified lighting effects and create unique light and shadow art through different combinations, arrangements and control methods.

(7) Versatility: In addition to being used as lighting decoration, profile point light sources can also be used in various scenarios such as building outlines, landscape lighting, and commercial displays.

3. Profile point light sources are usually used in indoor lighting, commercial spaces, display cabinets, furniture and other fields. Its advantages include:


(1) Uniformity: LED point light sources are distributed inside the profile, which can achieve uniform light emission and avoid obvious light spots or dark areas.

(2) Softness: Through the design of the profile, glare and direct light can be effectively reduced, producing a soft lighting effect and improving the comfort of the space.

(3) Power saving and energy saving: As a light source, LED has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, the profile design can improve the light efficiency and reduce energy loss.


(4) Decoration: Profile point light sources can choose different profiles and colors according to design needs to enhance the indoor decoration effect.

Outdoor architectural lighting-profile point light source 1
Outdoor architectural lighting-profile point light source 2

4.The steps for installing profile point light sources are generally as follows:


(1) Preparation work: Confirm the installation location and quantity of the profile point light source, ensure that the power supply line meets the requirements, and prepare installation tools and materials.

(2) Install the profile: According to actual needs and design requirements, install the profile to the designated location to ensure that the profile is firmly installed.

(3) Connect the power supply line: Connect the power cord of the point light source to the power supply line to ensure that the connection is firm. Pay attention to correct wiring and avoid reverse connection.

(4) Install the point light source: Install the point light source on the profile according to the design requirements, paying attention to the adjustment of the direction and position to ensure that the lighting effect meets the expectations.

(5) Fixed point light source: Use tools such as fixing parts or fixing glue to fix the point light source on the profile to ensure that it will not loosen or shift.

(6) Debugging and inspection: Connect the power supply, turn on the point light source to debug the lighting effect, check whether the light is working normally, and adjust the light angle and brightness.

(7) Safety acceptance: After confirming that the point light source is installed, conduct safety acceptance to ensure that the installation meets safety standards and requirements.




In general, profile point light source is a powerful, flexible and diverse lighting product. It can also provide modern, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting design solutions. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments and can create a unique atmosphere and atmosphere for the space. Visual effect. It has a wide range of applications in the field of architectural lighting and decoration, and can be customized and flexibly arranged according to different needs and scenarios.

Outdoor architectural lighting-profile point light source 3
Outdoor architectural lighting-profile point light source 4

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