Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description


Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description:

Top steel structure/square: used for connecting the square or steel structure with the wall, and also used for fixing steel wires and lamps and lanterns.

Stainless steel hanging ring: directly fixed on the steel structure or the square pass.

U-shape steel wire fixing buckle: fasten the 3mm steel wire and cross fix it with the fixing ring; 43mm stainless steel multi-stranded steel wire: used for connecting the steel structure and the wall.

43mm stainless steel multi-stranded steel wire: fix the transverse steel wire buckle and load bearing, single steel wire can bear 300Kg.

M3 self-tapping cross stainless steel screws: used for bracket and steel wire limit and fastening role

Steel wire fixing buckle: fix the steel wire to the head of the flange screw.

Flowerland screw: used for the bottom and steel wire fastening, steel wire contraction can be adjusted flatness

Stainless steel ring: directly fixed to the steel structure or the square pass above

Bottom steel structure: used for the whole screen tail fixed, the whole grid screen contraction fixed to prevent shaking

Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description 1
Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description 2

Advantages of grid screen

² ² high flatness, highly uniform spacing, completely restore the video effect is not bad!

² ² unique snap base design, screws to fix the base, not easy to fall off, each node can withstand 20Kg tensile force

² ²Factory finished unit screen curly packaging shipment, on-site splicing and installation, simple and fast, can save a lot of labour, transport and material costs

² ²Lamps and bases are durable, impact resistance, tension, tension, and UV resistance without discolouration.

² ²DC05/12V low-voltage power supply, waterproof connector pairs of plug connection, 4 snap base/m,:, each square lamps and lanterns according to the pixel demand optional 20*2020*16, 20*12, 20*10 a variety of specifications

² ² lamps and lanterns special sealant potting, protection level IP67, indoor and outdoor universal, curved surface / straight surface can be installed, applicable to a variety of installation environment


Grid screen, is to meet the real estate projects, commercial centres, glass curtain walls, hotels, high-rise building facades and other large area display needs and can take into account the characteristics of light, thin, transparent and launched a large-pitch LED display. It is by the LED point light source, PC snap base, steel wire and other components combined into a splicing unit module. The pixel distance of the grid screen ranges from P166.7 to P33.3mm, and the splicing of unit modules can easily achieve a large display area from tens of square metres to tens of thousands of square metres.

Mainly used in large-scale building facade and glass curtain wall, large-scale stage activities, creative design and cultural and tourism display, night catering and shopping, cultural performances, tourism, leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, exhibitions and sales and other scenes. Generally, we will recommend the right LED grid screen according to the project's installation size, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirements and project effects.

Large-scale stage activities: In concerts, concerts or other large-scale stage activities, LED grid screen can be used to create dazzling stage effects, display works of art or performances with each other.

Creative Design and Tourism Displays: The flexibility of LED Grids makes them ideal for creative design and tourism displays. Various artistic and cultural elements can be presented through different patterns, animations and brightness adjustments.

Nighttime Dining and Shopping: In restaurants and shopping areas that operate at night, LED grid screens can be used to create a unique atmosphere and enhance the customer experience.

Cultural Performances: In theatres, performing arts venues or cultural events, LED mesh screens can be used to provide high quality visual effects and enhance the immersion of the performance.

Tourism: At tourist attractions or city landmarks, LED mesh screens can be used to display information, welcome messages or guide the flow of tourists.

Leisure and Entertainment: In leisure and entertainment venues such as theme parks, amusement parks or entertainment centres, LED mesh screens can be used to provide interactive experiences, advertisements or event promotions.

Sports and Fitness: In stadiums, fitness centres or sporting events, LED grid screens can be used to display match information, real-time statistics or provide motivational images and videos.

Exhibitions: LED Grids can be used to display product information, artwork, technology displays or historical artefacts at exhibitions, trade fairs or museums.

Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description 3
Point light pixel grid screen installation structure description 4


The design features of the grid screen are briefly described as follows:

Transparent design: 20%-50% air permeability does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the back of the screen, has a strong wind resistance, effectively reduce the wind load, and further reduce the structural strength and weight of the LED display infrastructure.

Modular design: Grid screen adopts the principle of single-module strong magnetic adsorption assembled into a large screen, without the need for complex rammed steel structure, simple module assembly can be customised for the customer's size to achieve fast installation.

Quantitative design: made of lightweight PC material, only 3.4Ka per square, one-tenth of the traditional box electronic screen, saving time, effort and labour for installation.

Self-dissipating design: translucent structure design, the lamp body is made of thermally conductive and environmentally friendly materials, the natural wind can form a good self-scattering system, without the need to install air conditioning and other auxiliary heat dissipation equipment, and can work stably for a long period of time under the conditions of high heat and extreme cold.

High protection level: Germany Bayer PC material, imported silicone secondary potting, imported high and low temperature waterproof wire, professional waterproof connector, to create a fully sealed waterproof structure of the LED lamps and lanterns part of the high protection level of IP67, especially suitable for outdoor construction of the display.

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