Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen


Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen

1.Zhejiang Wenzhou Wanzhao Plaza, the entrance glass curtain wall using XH-2501 grid screen, steel wire fixed installation is simple and convenient, energy efficient, and good permeability, without damage to the structure of the glass curtain wall. This grid matrix screen is located at the crossroads, with a wide field of vision, high-density dot-matrix light source, can play video and animation effects, very attractive to people's eyes.


2. In the sales department of Grand Gateway Central Park, XH-2501 grid screen is used inside the glass curtain wall, which is simple and convenient for steel wire fixing and installation, highly efficient and energy-saving, and with good permeability performance, without damaging the structure of the glass curtain wall. This grid matrix screen is located in the fast intersection, the view is wide, high density dot matrix light source, can play video and animation effects, very attractive to people's eyes.


LED grid screen has a wide range of applications and offers a variety of possibilities, the following are some specific application scenarios:

Large building facades and glass curtain walls: LED grid screens can be used for decoration and information display on building facades or glass curtain walls. Through dynamic images, text or lighting effects, to enhance the attractiveness of the building exterior.

Large Stage Events: In concerts, concerts or other large stage events, LED grids can be used to create dazzling stage effects, display artwork or complement the performance.

Creative Design and Tourism Displays: The flexibility of LED grid screens makes them ideal for creative design and tourism displays. Various artistic and cultural elements can be presented through different patterns, animations and brightness adjustments.

Nighttime Dining and Shopping: In restaurants and shopping areas that operate at night, LED grid screens can be used to create a unique atmosphere and enhance the customer experience.

Cultural Performances: In theatres, performing arts venues or cultural events, LED mesh screens can be used to provide high quality visual effects and enhance the immersion of the performance.

Tourism: At tourist attractions or city landmarks, LED mesh screens can be used to display information, welcome messages or guide the flow of tourists.

Leisure and Entertainment: In leisure and entertainment venues such as theme parks, amusement parks or entertainment centres, LED grid screens can be used to provide interactive experiences, advertisements or event promotions.

Sports and Fitness: In stadiums, fitness centres or sporting events, LED grid screens can be used to display match information, real-time statistics or provide motivational images and videos.

Exhibitions: LED Grids can be used to display product information, artwork, technology displays or historical artefacts at exhibitions, trade fairs or museums.

Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen 1
Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen 2

The design features of the grid screen are briefly described as follows:

1. Transparent design: with a 50 to 70 per cent air permeability, it maintains ventilation and light at the rear of the screen. This design not only can effectively resist wind and reduce wind load, but also can reduce the strength and weight of the LED display infrastructure.


2. Modular design: using a single module assembled into a large screen principle, without the need for complex rammed steel structure, simple module assembly can be achieved on the customer's customised size of the rapid installation.


3. Lightweight design: made of lightweight PC material, only 3-8Kg per square, compared with the traditional box electronic screen, the weight is only one-tenth. This makes the installation more time-saving, energy-saving, labour-saving.


4. Self-dissipating design: through the permeable structure design and thermal conductive environmental protection materials, to achieve a good natural wind cooling system. There is no need to install additional air-conditioning and other auxiliary cooling equipment, so it can operate stably for a long time under high temperature and extreme cold conditions.


5. High protection level: using Germany Bayer PC material, adopting imported silicone for secondary potting, using imported high and low temperature waterproof wires, and equipped with professional waterproof connector to realise the fully sealed waterproof structure. the LED lamps and lanterns part can reach the high protection level of IP67, which is especially suitable for outdoor construction of the display screen.

Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen 3
Successful cases of point light pixel grid screen 4


These design features make the grid screen in large-scale display needs with superior ventilation, installation flexibility, lightweight, self-cooling and high waterproof performance. It is particularly suitable for outdoor environments and large building facades. These characteristics indicate that the pixel light was designed with a focus on appearance, durability, waterproofness and installation flexibility for a wide range of application scenarios.Grid screens are designed to meet the specific needs of large buildings and venues, whilst focusing on their thin, light and translucent nature to allow for better integration into the building fabric and to provide high quality, large-area displays.

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