Flexible crystal truss screen


Xinhe photoelectric crystal truss screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible and thin. It is extremely simple to install, without steel frame structure, and can be attached to the glass surface. LED crystal truss screen adopts flexible transparent film as the functional carrier of LED display screen, and the thickness of the module can be less than 2MM. Minimally installed, it lights up as soon as it is attached, and it is directly attached to the glass surface without installing a frame, which is suitable for indoor afterloading applications. It has good light transmittance and is a thin and hidden LED display screen at present. Highlight and transparent display, fashion, beauty, sense of science and technology, and fully integrate with the current atmosphere of VR, AR, artificial intelligence, metauniverse, science fiction, animation, virtual reality, e-sports and other scientific and technological elements.

Widely used in glass curtain walls (city buildings, large shopping malls, etc.), glass windows (shops along the street, automobile 4S shops, jewelry stores, etc.), glass guardrails (cities, cultural tourism), transportation hubs (high-speed railway station, airports, subway stations, etc.), enterprise exhibition halls, elevator handrails, automatic doors and windows, indoor partitions, hanging banners and other scenes.

Flexible crystal truss screen 1
Flexible crystal truss screen 2


1.Mini package, unique distributed microporous heat dissipation technology.

2. The surface of the lamp body has a 100,000-level optical prism, which effectively improves the color purity.

3. Joint development, multi-directional signal backup chip, μA static power consumption.

4. Power-on self-check, and refuse flashing lights and constant lighting.

5. Realize the function of continuous cross-point signal continuous transmission, far exceeding the conventional breakpoint continuous transmission in the market.

6. All implemented projects are worry-free after sale.


Configuration parameters:

1. Picture and text display: compatible with conventional LED display functions.

2. Transparent and curved surface display: transparent display effect, showing virtual reality space, flexible, and suitable for various curved surface installation.

3. Remote and cluster control: WIFI remote control can be realized; Multi-screen interactive cluster control, split screen control.

4. Animation and video playback: compatible with conventional LED display functions.

5. Interactive sensing and infinite splicing: a variety of sensing devices can be extended, including temperature control, light control and human-screen interaction; Can be spliced and sheared.

6. Synchronous and asynchronous control: it can be synchronized with computer display; You can also store the content in the sending box and set the program to be played in sequence.

Flexible crystal truss screen 3
Flexible crystal truss screen 4

Advantages of lattice screen:

1. High permeability: high-permeability crystal film carrier, PVD crystal plating technology, micron-scale metal grid, product light transmittance of nearly 95%, good lighting, different from the traditional LED's pursuit of clarity, transparent LED has high permeability, does not block indoor daily lighting, and does not affect the viewing line.

2. The product can be cut/folded at will: the product is not limited by size, and the size and shape can be customized according to the requirements of the project. The flexible process can be folded at will and pasted on the glass or wall with any radian to form a complete and integrated special-shaped display screen.

3. Ultra-high brightness display: the brightness of the product can reach 6000cd/㎡, and it is highlighted.

4. Ultra-light and ultra-thin: the product thickness is less than 2mm, which is lighter, thinner and more transparent.

5. Convenient installation: it is extremely simple to install, and there is no need to install the frame. The module can be directly attached to the glass surface, which saves the cost of the frame, and it can be mounted and hung to meet the needs of users.

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