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1. Introduction and Characteristics of LED Point Light Source

LED point light source refers to a point light source that uses LED (Light-Emitting Diode, light-emitting diode) as the light source. LED point light source has the following characteristics:

(1) High efficiency and energy saving: LED point light sources adopt the principle of semiconductor light emission and have the characteristics of efficiently converting electrical energy into light energy. Compared with traditional light sources (such as incandescent bulbs), LED point light sources can produce the same brightness of light with lower energy consumption.

(2) Long life: LED point light sources have a long life, usually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of hours, far exceeding traditional lighting equipment. This means that LED point light sources are more durable and reduce the frequency of bulb replacement and maintenance costs.

(3) Rich colors: By adjusting the brightness and color of different LED lights, various light colors can be produced, such as white light, warm light, cold light, etc. This allows LED point light sources to have greater creativity and flexibility in lighting design.

(4) Small and portable: Due to its small size and light weight, it is very suitable for use in compact spaces and situations where mobile lighting is required. Such as outdoor billboards, stage lighting effects, night landscape lighting, etc.

(5) Green and environmentally friendly: LED point light sources do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and have low carbon emissions. Compared with traditional light sources, LED point light sources are more environmentally friendly and meet the requirements of sustainable development.


2. G Series Point Light Source Product Introduction 

The G2001 series mainly includes G2001 monochrome and full color. The lamp beads all use 5050 high-brightness lamp beads; the monochrome is mainly used for luminous characters and stair outlines, and the full color is mainly used for display screens; the monochrome for building outlines is 1 meter 20 lamps, and the luminous characters There are about 120 lights per square meter; for large-scale display screens, the number of lights per square meter can be determined based on the on-site screen size and the effect the customer wants to produce; G2001 full-color recommendations recommend the DMX512 control method, which is easy to install and requires less maintenance; the installation method can be configured with aluminum alloy profiles. Fixed with steel wire and surface mounted with glue. G3003 full color is mainly used for building lighting, contour surrounds, large building pixel screens, and some special-shaped structure lighting; the lamp beads are 3535 waterproof lamp beads, the shell is made of German Bayer PC, the control method is DMX512, and the waterproof gold-plated solid Core needle connectors; ranging from 6 to 10 lights per meter. The installation methods include aluminum alloy profiles, steel wire fixation, and screw fixation. The G3006 series is only made of single color, mainly used for building outlines and large luminous characters; the lamp beads are 2835 high-brightness lamp beads, and the shell is German Bayer PC. The colors are mainly white, red, yellow, and warm white, and the light color is pure; The number of luminous characters is about 80 lights per square meter, and the outline of the building is 8 to 10 lights per square meter.

Independent Brand Production, Factory Price LED Point Light Source 1
Independent Brand Production, Factory Price LED Point Light Source 2

3. H Series Point Light Source Product Introduction

The lamp beads are all made of 3535 waterproof lamp beads, and the chip is equipped with Taiwan Epistar as standard, and can also be customized by Cree and Osram; the RGB is all DMX512 control method; the shell is made of German Bayer PC material, with a mesh mask; H2501 and H2503 can be made into mesh Grid screen, with special grid accessories, 256 and 128 lights per square meter; H30 and above series covers are anti-glare spherical optical network masks with self-cleaning function. Anti-glare can reduce light pollution and increase the brightness of the lamp by 1.5 times; the lamp body is wrapped and filled with glue and waterproof, and the color of the shell and the length of the wire can be customized according to customer requirements.


4. Profile Point Light Sources Characteristics and Advantages 

(1) Soft and uniform light: The profile point light source can achieve soft and uniform distribution of light through the design of the housing or radiator, thereby creating a comfortable lighting environment.

(2) Flexible installation: Due to the particularity of its structural design, profile point light sources can be easily installed on various surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, furniture, etc., making them widely used in interior design and decoration.

(3) Energy saving and high efficiency: Profile point light sources using LED as the light source have high photoelectric conversion efficiency and can achieve energy-saving and efficient lighting effects.

(4) Diversified application scenarios: Since the profile point light source can be customized as needed, it can adapt to the decorative needs of various indoor and outdoor environments and meet the lighting design requirements of different occasions.

Independent Brand Production, Factory Price LED Point Light Source 3
Independent Brand Production, Factory Price LED Point Light Source 4

5. Application Places of Point Light Sources

Point light sources are mainly used for night scene lighting projects such as staircase outlines, overall exterior wall lighting, heterosexual buildings, heterosexual sculpture artworks, large screens, canopies, iron tower chimneys, etc. Because point light sources are highly operable, easy to install and install seamlessly, and save energy, auxiliary materials, and labor compared with similar linear lights, they are favored by many engineering companies. Profile point light source is a special lighting equipment, usually composed of LED lamp beads, radiator, transparent or translucent shell, etc. This kind of lighting equipment is usually used for decorative lighting and ambient lighting, and is widely used in architectural decoration, interior design, commercial places and landscape lighting and other fields.

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