Indoor and Outdoor Programmable Giant Display


1.Display Introduction: 

With the maturity of LED display technology, in the traditional small-pitch, indoor and outdoor advertising, grille screen, etc., the competition is increasingly fierce. LED soft mesh screen provides more choices and possibilities for the market, enriches the types of LED display products and display methods, and expands the field of creative soft screen. LED soft mesh screen is a kind of lighting video display level products, which can meet the demand of lighting decoration and also can be used for image and video playback. It is also a kind of large-pitch LED display, which is a splicable LED display module combined with LED light points, PC card strips, aluminum buckles, steel wires and other components. Through the splicing can be easily realized from tens of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters of large display area. In the field of ultra-large area display and creative display, it has unparalleled advantages. Indoor and Outdoor Giant Display Screen are large LED displays that are commonly used to display content such as advertisements, information, images and videos. They feature high definition, high brightness and high contrast to display clear, vibrant images and videos in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor and outdoor giant displays can be customized according to different application requirements, such as exhibitions, sports events, concerts, commercial advertisements, digital signage and so on. They can realize a variety of playback modes, such as static pictures, dynamic videos, scrolling text, etc., and can be remotely controlled and managed through the network or other means.

2. Application Fields of Display Screen:

(1) Building facade/glass curtain wall: The characteristics of LED grid screen make it almost unnecessary to install steel structure, so the impact on the surface of building or glass curtain wall is minimized; The photoelectric grid screen of Xinhe is light, thin and transparent, which not only ensures the lighting and ventilation requirements of floors, glass facades, windows and other lighting structures, but also does not affect the appearance of the building.

(1) Cultural tourism projects/stage choreography: LED grid screen can be built according to the requirements of cultural tourism projects and stage modeling diversification, the use of LED screen itself transparent, thin and light characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer, making the images on the screen and the back of the scene to produce superimposed effect, forming a combination of reality and reality, seemingly illusion of the visual feast.

(2) Park Square/Technology Pavilion: The flexible and customized design of the grid screen can be matched with different shapes and architectural surfaces, which can flexibly realize a variety of creative lighting concepts in this kind of scenario, such as somatosensory interaction, infrared sensing, and lighting scenarios interaction.

Indoor and Outdoor Programmable Giant Display 1
Indoor and Outdoor Programmable Giant Display 2

3. Indoor and Outdoor Giant Display Screens mainly Characteristics

(1) The spliced installation is convenient and fast, which can save a lot of labor and material costs;

(2) The flatness is high, the spacing is highly uniform, and the video restoration effect is good;

(3) The lamps and base are sturdy and durable, resistant to impact, pull, tension, and UV-resistant without discoloration;

(4) The lamps are potted with special sealants, with a protection level of IP67. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be installed on curved or straight surfaces and are suitable for various installation environments;

(5) High Definition: Indoor and outdoor jumbo displays with high resolution and high pixel density can present detailed and clear images and videos.

(6) High Brightness, High Contrast: Due to the brightness of the indoor and outdoor environments, the indoor/outdoor jumbo displays have high brightness and contrast to ensure that the content remains visible in daylight.

(7) Energy saving and power saving: LED as a light source has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life, which can realize the efficient use of energy.

(8) Customizable: Indoor and outdoor giant displays can be customized according to different application requirements to suit different installation places and visual effects.

(9) High reliability: The indoor and outdoor giant display adopts high-quality LED chips and electronic components, which have high stability and reliability and can run stably for a long time.

Indoor and Outdoor Programmable Giant Display 3
Indoor and Outdoor Programmable Giant Display 4


4. Summary:

 Indoor and outdoor giant displays are more and more widely used in modern society, and have become an indispensable part of business, culture, entertainment and other fields. Determine the installation location and choose a suitable place to install the LED transparent screen, taking into account the audience's sight, light exposure and structural stability; ensure that the installation structure is strong and stable, can withstand the weight of the LED screen, and has appropriate heat dissipation and protective measures; connection Power supply and signal lines to ensure normal power supply and signal transmission; correctly install the LED screen module according to the installation guide provided by the manufacturer to ensure the flatness and alignment of the module. For the installation and maintenance of indoor LED transparent screens, it is recommended that you seek professional technical support and services to ensure correct and reliable installation and maximize the service life of the screen.

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