What is the LED mesh screen


What is the LED mesh screen:

A mesh screen is a transparent screen that uses an LCD or OLED, and its pixel distribution rules are a regular array. Due to the arrangement of pixel points, when external light passes through the screen, the corresponding pixel points can reflect, refract, interfere, etc. according to predetermined rules, forming a specific image effect.

What are the common grid screen specifications:

1. Pixel density: Pixel density refers to the number of pixels per unit length, indicating the clarity of image details on the screen. The commonly used unit is PPI (pixels per inch). Generally speaking, the higher the pixel density, the clearer the image, but it also means higher costs. At present, the pixel density of common grid screens on the market can reach over 200PPI, and some have even reached 400PPI.

2. Size: The size of the grid screen is also one of the factors to consider when selecting. Generally speaking, the larger the screen size, the more obvious the display effect. However, excessive size can also lead to visual fatigue and inability to meet indoor space requirements. Common grid screen sizes include 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, etc. 3. Resolution: Resolution refers to the total number of pixels on the screen, usually expressed in pixels wide × Described by pixel height, such as 1920 × 1080. The higher the resolution, the finer and clearer the screen display content. At present, the common grid screen resolutions include 4K, 8K, and so on.

3. Brightness: The brightness of a grid screen refers to the brightness generated by the light source, which is the brightness displayed on the screen. Generally speaking, the higher the brightness, the better the screen display effect, but it also leads to increased costs and energy consumption. At present, the brightness of grid screens on the market is approximately between 300 and 1000cd/.

4. Refresh rate: The refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen is updated per second, in Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image will be displayed. At present, the common grid screen refresh rates include 60Hz, 120Hz, etc.


Installation form of LED mesh screen:

1. Wall mounted: To install the grid screen on the wall, a bracket or wall stand needs to be used for fixation. This form is suitable for situations that require long-term fixation in a single location, such as exhibitions, performances, and other occasions.

2. Hanging type: To hang the grid screen from the ceiling, a suspension rod and hook need to be used for fixation. This form is suitable for situations where frequent position changes are required, such as stage backgrounds, fashion shows, and other occasions.

3. Floor standing: Place the grid screen on the ground and secure it with a bracket or base. This form is suitable for occasions that require strong mobility, such as exhibitions, commercial advertisements, etc.

4. Indoor embedded: To embed the grid screen into the wall or ground, it is necessary to set the installation hole position in advance. This form is suitable for all parties The visual effects of the location, such as commercial displays, conference rooms, and other occasions.

5. Outdoor embedded: Embedding grid screens into the exterior walls of buildings requires prior structural design and waterproofing treatment. This form is suitable for situations that require long-term outdoor use, such as billboards, building decorations, etc.

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LED mesh screen application scenarios

1. Building Facade/Glass Curtain Wall: The characteristics of LED grid screens make it almost unnecessary to install steel structures, thus minimizing the impact on the surface of the building or glass curtain wall; The Sober grid screen has the characteristics of light, thin, and transparent, which not only ensures the lighting and ventilation requirements of floors, glass facades, windows, and other lighting structures, but also does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the building.

2. Cultural and Tourism Projects/Stage Dance Beauty: LED grid screens can be built according to the requirements of cultural and tourism projects and diverse stage designs. By utilizing the transparent and lightweight characteristics of the LED screen body, strong perspective effects can be generated, lengthening the depth of field of the entire screen, and creating a superimposed effect between the images on the screen and the real scenes behind, forming a visual feast that combines reality and illusion.

3 Park Plaza/Science and Technology Exhibition Hall: The flexible customized design of the Sober grid screen can be combined with different shapes and building surfaces. In such scenes, various creative lighting ideas can be flexibly realized, such as body feeling interaction, infrared sensing, lighting scene interaction, etc.


LED mesh screen after-sales service

1. Technical support: Suppliers usually provide technical support to answer customers' questions about product specifications, installation, usage methods, etc. Customers can communicate and consult with the technical support team through channels such as phone, email, or online chat.

2. Repair service: If the grid screen malfunctions or is damaged during use, customers can contact the supplier for repair support. The supplier will provide repair services according to the product warranty policy, including maintenance, replacement of parts, etc. Customers may need to provide relevant purchase vouchers or product information as a basis for warranty.

3. Warranty service: Grid screens usually provide a certain warranty period to ensure product quality and performance. During the warranty period, if there are quality issues with the product, the supplier will provide repair or replacement services in accordance with the warranty policy without any additional costs. The warranty period and specific warranty policies may vary from supplier to supplier, and customers should have a detailed understanding and comply with relevant regulations.

4. Accessory supply: If the grid screen requires replacement of components or accessories, the supplier usually provides corresponding accessory supply services. Customers can order the necessary accessories from suppliers to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the product.

5. After sales consulting: In addition to technical support and maintenance services, suppliers can also provide other aspects of after-sales consulting services. For example, consultation and suggestions on product upgrades, lighting design suggestions, energy conservation, and other aspects.

Through effective after-sales service, customers can enjoy comprehensive technical support, maintenance support, and consulting services, improving product reliability and user experience.

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Why choose the LED mesh screen

As an LED lighting product, grid screens have the following advantages compared to traditional lighting products:

Capable of sustained endurance and not easily losing power in a short period of time, safe and reliable; Energy saving and environmental protection, ensuring the lifespan and service life of each model, as well as the ability to undergo various forms of transformation in different colors; According to customer requirements, better visual effects can also be achieved; Rich colors and other characteristics.

In summary, as an innovative category of LED lighting fixtures, grid screens have the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, long lifespan, safety and reliability, and rich colors. Therefore, among the numerous LED lighting fixture building needs, choosing a grid screen is a wise choice

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Advantages and wide application of LED grid screen
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