Application and product introduction of grid screen


1. LED point light has the advantages of adjustable color temperature, waterproof and dustproof, long life, low power consumption, etc. Meanwhile, it supports a variety of lighting control methods such as DMX512 control, which is convenient for installation and use. Through reasonable design and arrangement, LED point light can create rich and diverse lighting effects to meet the needs of different environments and scenes.

The following is the application and product introduction of LED point light source:

Architectural lighting: LED point light source can be used for building outline lighting and three-dimensional lighting. By installing on the façade, wall , it can create colorful lighting effects, increase the visual impact of the building, and enhance the recognition and aesthetics at night.

Landscape lighting: LED point light source can be applied to parks, squares, flower beds and other landscape lighting projects. It can be used in different colors and lighting methods to create various artistic effects, such as gradient, flashing, jumping, etc., to create a romantic, dreamy landscape atmosphere.

Commercial display: LED point light source can be used for display and exhibition in commercial places. It can be applied in the lighting of display cabinets, display racks or artworks in shopping malls, museums, exhibition halls, etc., to highlight the highlights of the goods or exhibits, attract customers' attention, and enhance the display effect and ornamental.

Indoor decoration: LED point light source can be used for decorative lighting of indoor ceilings, walls, stair treads and so on. By installing in a specific position of the indoor structure, it can create a soft ambient light, increase the sense of space level and comfort, and bring a unique atmosphere to the indoor environment.

Stage performance: LED point light source can be applied to the creation of stage lighting effects. By controlling the brightness, color and movement of the LED point light source, it can create a rich variety of stage lighting effects, create a visually impactful stage atmosphere, and enhance the show's ornamental and expressive power.

Application and product introduction of grid screen 1
Application and product introduction of grid screen 2

2. Transparent screen is a kind of display screen with light transmittance, through transparent material and LED backlight technology, making the screen can display images or videos at the same time, and the scene behind is still visible. Transparent screens are widely used in retail displays, commercial advertisements, museum exhibitions and other fields, providing innovative solutions for product display and information transfer. Transparent screens are characterized by light transmittance, high definition, and wide viewing angle, while supporting remote control and content update for easy and flexible use and management. Through innovative application and integration, transparent screen brings new possibilities for product display, information delivery and space design, and brings unique visual experience for users.


Application and product introduction of grid screen 3
Application and product introduction of grid screen 4

3.Our LED pixel lights are indoor and outdoor lighting LED lights with square appearance, generally using LED technology, which can be divided into a variety of models with different powers, colors, and are widely used in the fields of advertisements, commercial places and public buildings. Our LED pixel lights are characterized by low power consumption, stable light emission, long life and easy installation, which makes them convenient and flexible to use. Through innovative design and application, Square pixel Lights are able to provide sophisticated, stylish and high-quality lighting solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor places, bringing users a more comfortable, convenient and safe use experience.

4.LED mesh Screen is a screen composed of LED point light, which displays images and videos through LED point light arranged in a grid-like structure. It is characterized by high brightness, high definition and wide viewing angle, and is widely used in outdoor advertising, stage performances, stadiums and other fields.

The following is the application and product introduction of grid screen:

Outdoor advertising: Grid screen can be used for outdoor advertising and publicity. Installed in commercial districts, squares, building facades and other places, the grid screen can play all kinds of advertisements, such as merchandise promotions, brand publicity, etc., to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles, and enhance the exposure and effect of the advertisement.

Stage performance: led mesh screen is often used for stage background design and performance effect presentation. By installing the grid screen at the back of the stage or hanging above the stage, it can display stage effects, lighting changes, images and other content on the screen in real time, bringing immersive visual enjoyment to the audience and enhancing the artistic sense and expressiveness of the performance.

Stadiums: led mesh screens can be used for live broadcast of events and interactive experience in stadiums. Installed inside and outside the stadium, the grid screen can broadcast real-time match conditions, player information, audience interaction and other content, providing a better viewing experience and interactive participation, increasing the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the audience.

Entertainment venues:led mesh screens can be applied to interactive entertainment programs in entertainment venues. Installed in amusement parks, theme parks, and entertainment facilities, led mesh screens can display multimedia content, interactive games, etc., providing visitors with a rich and varied entertainment experience and interesting interaction.

Commercial display: led mesh screen can be used for commercial display and product display. Installed in store windows, exhibition display areas and other locations, grid screens can display product features, usage scenarios and other content through images and videos, attracting customers' attention and enhancing the attractiveness of the product and the sales effect.Led mesh screen is characterized by modular design, splicing and expansion etc. It supports flexible layout and content update. It not only provides high-quality image display effect, but also adapts to changing environmental requirements, providing innovative, fashionable and efficient information display and dissemination methods for various places.


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