LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics


LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics: light, transparent, flexible, thin, minimal installation, no steel frame structure, attached to the glass surface.LED crystal honed screen adopts flexible and transparent film as the function carrier of LED display, module thickness can be less than 2MM.Module can be directly attached to the glass surface, no need to install the frame. Suitable for indoor rear mounting applications. Excellent light transmission, is currently the thinnest, most hidden LED display.

Bright and translucent display, fashionable, beautiful, very high sense of technology, and the current VR, AR, artificial intelligence, meta-universe, science fiction, animation, virtual reality, e-sports and other technological elements of the atmosphere fully integrated.

Lightweight: single module size 480*960MM; weight less than 2KG.

Transparent: Highly transmissive crystal thin film carrier board, PVD crystallization technology, micron-level metal grid, light transmittance of nearly 95%.

Flexible: Flexible screen technology, suitable for curling, curved, cylindrical and other shaped scenes.

Thin: thickness less than 2MM

Widely used in glass curtain wall (city buildings, large shopping malls, etc.), glass window (along the street)

stores, automobile 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc.), glass parapets (city, culture and tourism), transportation hubs (high-speed rail stations, airports, subway stations, airports, etc.)

(high-speed railway station, airport, subway station, etc.), enterprise exhibition hall, elevator handrail, automatic doors and windows,

indoor partitions, hanging banners and many other scenarios.

LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics 1
LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics 2

Core Technology

ØMini package, unique distributed microporous patented heat dissipation technology.

ØLight body surface layer of 100,000 optical prisms, effectively improve color purity

ØJointly developed, the industry's first multi-directional signal backup chip, μA-level static power consumption

ØPower-on self-test, refusing to flash, often bright phenomenon

ØRealize continuous cross-point signal transmission function, far more than the market conventional break-point transmission

Øhigh quality to ensure that all the implementation of the project worry-free after-sales


Configuration parameters:

² picture, text display: compatible with conventional LED display function

² Transparent, curved surface display: transparent display effect, excellent display of virtual reality space, flexible, can be suitable for a variety of curved surface installation

² remote, cluster control: can realize WIFI remote control; multi-screen interactive cluster control, split-screen control

² animation, video playback: compatible with conventional LED display functions

² interactive sensing, unlimited splicing: can extend a variety of sensing devices, temperature control, light control, human screen interaction; can be spliced, can be cut

² synchronous, asynchronous control: can be synchronized with the computer display; you can also store the content in the sender box and set the program sequence playback


Configuration parameters principle:

ØThe signal source can be a video camera, computer and other video output devices (synchronous control).

ØThe signal is converted into DVI signal by video processor and connected to the sending card via DV cable.

ØControl room distance from the display is greater than 100M, the use of fiber-optic conversion card, fiber-optic cable communication.

ØLED transparent film display modules are equipped with a receiver card, the receiver card to communicate with the network cable connection.

Ø The display can play a variety of content, but also to switch the input source.

ØThe use of video cameras can play real-time video signals to the display, can also be linked to the digital set-top box to play TV content (synchronization control).

ØYou can use the playback software to play pre-processed video information on the computer or video content through WIFI. wireless transmission to send the master control, and set the playback schedule, the display rotates according to the playback schedule (asynchronous control).


LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics 3
LED crystal honed screen has four characteristics 4

The advantages of crystal honed screen have the following points:

1) high transmittance: high transmittance crystal thin film carrier board, PVD crystal plating process technology, micron-level metal grid, product transmittance of nearly 95%, good lighting, the difference between the traditional LED on the ultimate pursuit of clarity, transparent LED has high transmittance, does not block the indoor daily lighting, does not affect the viewing line of sight

2) Products can be cut/folded arbitrarily: products are not limited by size, can be customized according to the project requirements of the size and shape of the flexible process can be folded arbitrarily, pasted in any curvature of the glass or the wall, does not affect the display effect, forming a complete one of the heteromorphic display screen.

3) Ultra-high brightness display: the brightness of the product can reach 6000cd/m2, high brightness display.

4) Ultra-light and ultra-thin: the thickness of the product is less than 2mm, lighter, thinner and more transparent.

5) Easy to install: Simple installation, no need to install the frame, the module directly attached to the surface of the glass can be installed easily and quickly, saving the cost of the frame, that is, installed and ready to use, a variety of sizes of products, can be mounted, hanging turn, to meet the user's needs!


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