What is a point light source and its composition


Point light source refers to a type of concentrated light source that converts electrical energy into light energy through the use of LED technology and generates light on its surface. The following is an explanation of the origin and composition of point light sources:

1. Origin: The concept of point light source originated from the field of optical lighting, specifically referring to a light source that can emit light in a point like form. In traditional lighting systems, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, etc. are all surface light sources, while point light sources are a relatively new concept closely related to the development of LED technology.

2. Composition: A point light source usually consists of the following parts:

Light Emitting Diode: LED chips are a key component of the entire point light source, composed of semiconductor materials that generate light through the passage of current. The quality and characteristics of LED chips directly affect the brightness, efficiency, and lifespan of point light sources.

3. Packaging: LED chips usually need to be encapsulated in a transparent material shell to protect the chip and regulate the direction of light emission and scattering effect. Common packaging forms include LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED modules, etc. Different packaging forms can be selected according to specific application requirements.

4.Heat dissipation system: Due to the heat generated by LED chips during operation, point light sources usually need to be equipped with a heat dissipation system to maintain their temperature within an appropriate range. The heat dissipation system can use methods such as heat sinks, fans, and thermal adhesives to quickly dissipate the heat of LED chips, ensuring the normal operation and lifespan of point light sources.

5.Power drive: The point light source needs to receive electrical energy to emit light, so it needs to be equipped with a corresponding power drive. The power driver is responsible for converting the input voltage into current and voltage suitable for LED chip operation, and providing a stable power supply.

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What is a point light source and its composition 2

Our point light source is equipped with imported international brand wafers and Kerui lamp beads, with stable brightness, pure color, and low light attenuation. The characteristic of wafer chips is to produce chips without packaging, and the brand specificity determines its excellent performance. The coverage range of wafers is wider, covering most chip sizes of small and high-power LED beads. The brand has a large influence, and the average performance of lumens, indicators, and other indicators is very good. Chips and finished lamp beads are laid together, and often they are not necessarily good due to the packaging process of various manufacturers. For example, the selected glue, the brand of fluorescent powder, the performance of packaging machinery, the material of gold wire and bracket will all have a direct impact on the brightness and quality of the lamp beads.

Our point light source housing and bracket are made of Bayer PC material from Germany, which has excellent flame retardancy, impact resistance, and UV resistance, and will not change color for ten years.

Bayer's PC is an international brand of polycarbonate produced by Bayer in Germany. Due to the unique structure of polycarbonate, it has become the fastest-growing among the five major engineering plastics in the world General engineering plastics. More importantly, Bayer PC plastic from Germany can be used in combination with PU. This composite technology can improve the insulation effect of the material, improve its UV resistance, and enhance its flame retardancy. It is Bayer from Germany that can truly integrate these two technologies. The world has entered an era of low-carbon and high-tech, and Bayer's PC plastic in Germany has catered to this trend and trend, taking the lead in developing PC plastic technology and achieving a perfect combination of PC and PU technology.

Point light sources can be installed in different forms, depending on the application scenario and requirements. The following are several common installation forms of point light sources:

1.Independent: An independent point light source is usually an independent lighting device, such as a desk lamp, desk lamp, or handheld flashlight. These lights can be powered by sockets or batteries and can be easily moved and carried when needed.

2.Ceiling embedded: A ceiling embedded point light source refers to a luminaire that embeds the light source into the ceiling. This installation form is usually used for indoor lighting, such as restaurants, meeting rooms, or offices. Ceiling embedded point light sources are usually fixed to the ceiling and can be controlled through switches or remote controls.


3.Wall mounted: A wall mounted point light source is a lamp that installs the light source on the wall. They can be used to provide local lighting, create an atmosphere, or be used as art



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Point light application scenarios

Point light sources have a wide range of application scenarios in various lighting and rendering applications. The following are some common point light application scenarios:

1.Indoor lighting: Point light sources can be used for overall or local indoor lighting, such as in homes, offices, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, etc. Provide bright and concentrated lighting effects.

2.Commercial lighting: In commercial places such as shops, exhibition halls, galleries, museums, etc., point light sources are usually used to highlight or illuminate specific items, artworks, exhibits, or commodities. By accurately positioning and adjusting, point light sources can create focused lighting effects that attract people's attention.

3.Outdoor landscape lighting: Point light sources also have important applications in outdoor landscape lighting. They can be used to illuminate buildings, sculptures, garden landscapes, fountains, and public spaces. By installing and focusing point light sources, dramatic effects can be created, enhancing the visual impact and beauty of the landscape.

4.Stage lighting: Point light sources are one of the commonly used lighting tools in stage performances and performances. By adjusting and accurately positioning the point light source, different lighting effects can be created on the stage, such as spotlight, spotlight, close-up, etc., to highlight actors, stage props, or stage scenery.

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Point light source after-sales service:

The after-sales service for point light sources is as follows:

1.Technical Support: Suppliers usually provide technical support to answer customers' questions about product specifications, installation, usage methods, etc. Customers can communicate and consult with the technical support team through channels such as phone, email, or online chat.

2.Repair service: If the point light source malfunctions or is damaged during use, customers can contact the supplier for repair support. The supplier will provide repair services according to the product warranty policy, including maintenance, replacement of parts, etc. Customers may need to provide relevant purchase vouchers or product information as a basis for warranty.

3.Warranty service: Point light sources usually provide a certain warranty period to ensure product quality and performance. During the warranty period, if there are quality issues with the product, the supplier will provide repair or replacement services in accordance with the warranty policy without any additional costs. The warranty period and specific warranty policies may vary from supplier to supplier, and customers should have a detailed understanding and comply with relevant regulations.

4.Accessory supply: If the point light source needs to replace components or accessories, the supplier usually provides corresponding accessory supply services. Customers can order the necessary accessories from suppliers to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the product.

5.After sales consulting: In addition to technical support and repair services, suppliers can also provide other aspects of after-sales consulting services. For example, consultation and suggestions on product upgrades, lighting design suggestions, energy conservation, and other aspects.

Through effective after-sales service, customers can enjoy comprehensive technical support, maintenance support, and consulting services, improving product reliability and user experience.

Why choose a point light source

As an LED lighting product, point light sources have the following advantages compared to traditional lighting products:

Capable of sustained endurance and not easily losing power in a short period of time, safe and reliable; Energy saving and environmental protection, ensuring the lifespan and service life of each model, as well as the ability to undergo various forms of transformation in different colors; According to customer requirements, better visual effects can also be achieved; Rich colors and other characteristics.

In summary, as an innovative LED lighting product, point light sources have the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, long lifespan, safety and reliability, and rich colors. Therefore, among many LED lamp brands, choosing a point light source is a wise choice.

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