How to use LED point light source lighting to create a city's unique business card?

To create a city's unique business card with led point light source lighting, the first step is to conduct a basic analysis of the site survey and put forward corresponding lighting design proposals. Integrating the needs of Party A, in-depth analysis of site resources, nearby garden landscapes, regional charm, cultural and artistic foundations and many other elements, to ensure that all aspects meet everyone's requirements.

Then the soul of the lighting design scheme is the integration of regional cultural heritage and plastic arts. In urban night scene lighting, contemporary lighting technology and plastic arts are applied to create a unique and unforgettable visual impact. It has both story and innovation capabilities. It is also necessary to ensure the harmony between the lighting and the surrounding environment, the safety of lighting fixtures, and people-oriented issues.

Finally, the most popular visual effect elements are used to enlarge the night view of the city, make the city business card more resounding, and create a famous Internet celebrity city. As far as the current development trend is concerned, it is more popular to form an illusory world based on projection equipment, which not only presents real special effects, but also enables people to gain interactive experience when the effects are displayed.

As a pillar industry of the national development strategy, cultural tourism has an inestimable impact on the growth of the urban economy. Cultural tourism lighting has shaped the bustling scene of the city at night. In order to retain tourists, through lighting activities and night tour products, we are committed to promoting urban culture, so that the cultural tourism lighting market has new growth. Therefore, how to create a city's unique night light environment is the primary strategy for urban construction.

1. Every city has its own unique charm and characteristics. What the lighting needs to do is to amplify the charm of the city, not to overuse the light. Lighting up does not represent the perfection of urban construction. To create an urban night light environment, the first thing to do is to analyze the cultural characteristics of the city.

Second, secondly, the main purpose of the city of lights is to develop the economy, so the night scene must be closely related to commerce. After analyzing the regional characteristics of the city, the gourmet leisure area, cultural area, tourist area and other places are lined with lights to introduce unique regional culture. On the premise of meeting the functional lighting, the focus is on the design of light and beauty to comprehensively enhance the charm of the night scene. Let visitors have a comfortable and bright feeling.

3. The development of urban night economy must not lack night tour products. The emerging display of nighttime cultural and entertainment projects is a necessary means to enhance the value of lighting. It must highlight the city's personality and intelligent quality, and promote consumption upgrades. There are also supporting service facilities, such as Shanghai Disneyland, surrounding theme hotels, shopping streets, and delicious markets, which are widely praised by tourists.

Fourth, in order to make the modern light environment to a higher level, we must pay attention to the night tour experience. The final idea of creating an urban light environment is to dig out the cultural connotation of night tour products, so that tourists can have scenery to see, performances to experience, and culture to read, so as to achieve an all-round immersive night tour light environment and enhance the sense of tourism value.

The light environment created by led point light source lighting is colorful and rich. Urban construction must actively seize opportunities, use the concept of innovative sustainable development, and explore multiple paths for lighting the city and the human environment, so as to promote the urban night economy and bring wonderful light experience to national life.

How to use LED point light source lighting to create a city's unique business card? 1

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