8 points for attention in lighting design of gymnasium lighting design

We all know that good stadium lighting can improve the level of the stadium, reduce maintenance, and improve operating efficiency. At the same time, it also allows people who love sports to exercise more comfortably and feel more comfortable.

smooth. Generally speaking, the lighting of sports venues requires large lighting space, long distance and high illumination technology. Therefore, it is very important to choose lighting fixtures, and it is necessary to choose suitable professional lighting fixtures. then in

What issues should be paid attention to when designing and selecting lamps for stadium lighting?

1. Key points of lighting design

The lighting design of the interior decoration of the gymnasium needs to pay attention to the illumination requirements and the color of the light.

(1) Illumination requirements

Athletes, spectators, and field photography have different illumination requirements. The vertical illuminance at the sideline of the athlete's playing field is used as the basic reference illuminance. The most basic illumination can satisfy athletes at the same time

The requirements of the game, the viewing requirements of the audience and the live broadcast requirements of the game. When the horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance of the sports field are equal, the visual effect is the most comfortable, even if they cannot be equal, the water

The flat illuminance cannot exceed 2 times of the vertical illuminance. Because the gymnasium is a three-dimensional space, the lighting of the indoor gymnasium must have high brightness and strong color contrast.

Computer-calculated lighting control points must have sufficient illuminance to ensure uniform illuminance, color temperature and color rendering must meet the needs of TV broadcasting, and at the same time, glare must be controlled.

(2) Light color and color rendering

In the design of the light source, the lighting effect obtained is different if the light color of the placed light is different. Therefore, in addition to factors such as illuminance, it is also necessary to analyze the light color and color rendering of the light source.

Use appropriate light sources for the sport content.

2. Selection of light source and lamps

If you want to design the lighting in the gymnasium, the selection of light source and lamps is very important. The following points should be paid attention to in the selection of light source and lamps for gymnasium decoration:

(1) Light source selection

As a public venue for various activities, sports venues must take into account the functions of various sports and commercial activities. In order to avoid the impact of glare on the athletes, the position of the lights should be strictly controlled and the

Add a bezel to the monitor. The interior space of the gymnasium is relatively empty and the ceiling is high. Except for some non-artificial light sources, most of the light sources use HID light sources with high luminous flux. Multifunctional

Gymnasiums must be equipped with dimming devices and control circuits to change lighting methods and illuminance to match different lighting uses and stage effects.

(2) Lamp selection

Gymnasium lighting sources can use incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other types of lamps. These light sources have certain advantages, but also have certain limitations

sex. For example, gymnasium lighting requires high color rendering and color temperature to meet the needs of TV broadcasting. At the same time, the light source should ensure the most sufficient light intensity on the premise of the most energy-saving

Principles of design.

After years of research and practice, metal halide lamps are generally used as sports lighting sources in the world. The small gymnasium has a lower ceiling and more incandescent lighting.

In addition to the type of lamps, the gymnasium should also choose according to the lighting efficiency of the lamps. The commonly used ones are combined with deep lighting, oblique lighting or flood lighting.

The illuminance of the horizontal plane can be guaranteed, and the illuminance of the vertical plane can also be guaranteed. Due to the large space of the indoor gymnasium, most of the light sources adopt the method of adding reflectors to improve the light efficiency and intensity. but due to the ball

Sports such as sports are more intense, and most of them need to install a protective net for the light source. Moreover, the position of the ceiling is relatively high, and there are certain difficulties in the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the lamps.

In many gymnasium designs, lifting devices are used to allow the lamps to be lowered to the ground for maintenance and maintenance. It is generally divided into two types: manual lifting and electric lifting. Due to installation and maintenance

For convenience, it is adopted by many stadium designers. At present, in addition to installing lamps on the ceiling in domestic gymnasiums, some lamps can be installed on the ceiling according to the structure of the gymnasium.

On the roof grid structure.

3. Lighting control and lighting layout scheme

(1) Lighting control

The lighting of the volleyball stadium should be suitable for the athletes' daily training, pre-match training, various gatherings and commercial performances. There should be a lighting control room in the gymnasium, and the lighting conditions of the stadium can be observed.

condition. Now many gymnasiums use computer intelligent lighting control, and the staff can control the lights very conveniently. Different lighting requirements can be met according to the control lighting circuit scheme

requirements. The more uses the stadium has, the more complex the lighting configuration will be.

(2) Lighting layout plan

A. In the lighting layout plan (Guangzhou Hongshuo Lighting Design), a detailed analysis of the site plan was carried out, and the analysis and calculation were carried out by computer, through reasonable arrangement of lamps and different lighting

mode, to meet the illumination requirements of different levels of competitions and commercial activities.

B. Emergency lighting layout. Due to a sudden power failure due to special reasons, the backup power supply must ensure the lighting of the emergency lights to help the athletes and spectators in the venue evacuate.

Stadium lighting design lighting fixture selection:

(1) The light distribution of the lamps should be compatible with the installation height, position and lighting requirements of the lamps. Narrow-beam and medium-beam lamps should be used for outdoor stadiums, and medium-beam and wide-beam lamps should be used for indoor stadiums


(2) The lamps and accessories should meet the requirements of the use environment. The lamps should be high in strength and corrosion-resistant, and the electrical accessories of the lamps must meet the requirements of the heat resistance level.

(3) Open lamps should not be used for metal halide lamps. The protection level of the lamp shell should not be less than IP55, and the protection level of places that are not easy to maintain or heavily polluted should not be less than IP65.

(4) The lighting method of the lamp should ensure that its aiming angle is not changed during maintenance.

(5) The luminaire shall have its own or attached indicating device for adjusting the angle. The locking device of the luminaire should be able to withstand the maximum wind load under the conditions of use.

'&8805; (6) Lamps installed in high altitude should choose products with light weight, small volume and small wind load coefficient.&8804;&8451;&937;&177; (7) Lamps should have anti-glare measures.“’™ô (8) The lamps and their accessories shall have anti-drop measures.

8 points for attention in lighting design of gymnasium lighting design 1

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8 points for attention in lighting design of gymnasium lighting design 2

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