What's the point of installing a transparent LED screen?

In recent years, with the popularization of the film and television industry and the entertainment industry, the fan consumption economy has become more and more popular. More and more entertainment companies have taken a fancy to the consumption power of fans, and the entertainment industry has become more and more systematic. It is becoming more and more sound. Among many entertainment industries and activities, activities such as fan meetings, star concerts, idol writers' signings, etc. need transparent LED screens. Whether it is for businesses or consumers, LED The display screen is advancing to a higher level, which means that consumers have more choices to support their favorite objects, and businesses also gain more profits in the process, which is a win-win situation. So what is the difference between the transparent LED screen and the ordinary LED screen during the installation process? What techniques are required for installation?


1. The main difference


Ordinary LED display is very simple in the installation process, directly paste the front and back of the electronic version of the display, fix two lines in the middle, set the power switch on the back of the display, and the display will operate according to the switch, but transparent The main difference between the LED screen and the ordinary type is that the operation is simpler, the error rate is lower, and the error tolerance rate of the previous electronic products is higher, but this new display screen is more accurate.


2. Installation skills


During the installation process of transparent LED screens, the skills and methods are extremely particular. Because of the selectivity of brightness and the expansion of space area, it is necessary to skillfully start the lines from a single direction when installing transparent LED screens, so as to avoid the interference caused by multiple lines. Miscellaneous and there is a line error problem, so the direction of the line must be reasonably controlled during installation.


The installation of transparent LED screens still needs to pay attention to skills. After the installation is completed, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the site and the restoration of the environment, so as to achieve civilized construction and completely eliminate all hidden dangers.

What's the point of installing a transparent LED screen? 1

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