Brightness selection skills of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen products have been sought after and loved by the market. When people are purchasing LED transparent screens, in addition to considering the screen size, installation method, display effect and other factors, they must also choose their brightness reasonably according to the use environment. So how to choose the brightness of the LED transparent screen?

At present, there are many types of LED transparent screen products on the market, and the brightness is also very different. Many transparent LED display manufacturers have a variety of product specifications. The brightness of the transparent screen should be combined with the specific application environment. Comprehensive consideration. Customers often choose the corresponding brightness according to the application environment. Generally speaking, the application environment and brightness selection of LED transparent screens can be divided into the following situations:

1. Pure indoor application environment, such environment includes: enterprise exhibition hall, hotel lobby, data center, etc. The brightness of the pure indoor environment is relatively dark. The brightness of the transparent LED screen is recommended to be around 1000-2500cd/. It is best not to exceed this range. Too bright will affect the viewing effect, glare, and consume electricity.

2. Semi-outdoor sheltered environments, such environments include glass curtain walls of office buildings, shopping centers, sales offices, etc. Semi-outdoor sheltered environments have higher brightness requirements for transparent screens than pure indoor application environments. The brightness should be around 3000-5000cd/ to ensure the normal display effect of transparent screens.

3. In the semi-outdoor sunny environment, due to the influence of direct sunlight, the sunny environment has very high requirements for the brightness of the transparent screen. The low-brightness transparent screen in the sunny environment will cause image blurring due to insufficient brightness. In the sunny environment, The brightness of the transparent screen should be around 5000-6500cd/ to meet the display effect of the LED transparent screen in a strong sunlight environment.

Features of transparent LED screen

1. High permeability, 50%—The 90% permeability guarantees the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

2. Beautiful installation, low cost, without any steel structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall.

3. With unique display effect and transparent background, the displayed advertising screen gives people the feeling of being suspended on the glass curtain wall.

4. Easy and fast maintenance, indoor maintenance, fast and safe.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for fans and air conditioners to dissipate heat, saving more than 40% energy than traditional LED displays.

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