What are the benefits of using LED transparent screens in these scenes?

LED transparent screens have attracted much attention in recent years, and major manufacturers have launched related products. Compared with traditional screens, they are thinner, more technologically artistic, and transparent. LED transparent screens have a wide range of application scenarios. Such led transparent screen has a high penetration rate, and the light transmittance can be close to 90%, almost like glass, but it is more than the effect of display glass, and thus can be applied in many situations.


1. Applied on the stage


The traditional stage screen is the background wall, and the display effect is very simple. Now, many stage designs have begun to use information transparent LED modules on the ground, which can make the ground change and colorful, and have a very beautiful display teaching effect. For example, in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, we used this transparent management module that affects the ground, bringing you an amazing visual and cultural experience.


2. Applied in our shopping malls for display windows


In the past, shop windows were all made of glass. This window only protects the effect and protects the goods inside, and cannot provide auxiliary functions. But with led transparent screen, the display effect is rich. It can display some patterns and animations at the same time, which can not only attract the attention of customers, but also assist the display of goods and greatly increase the sales rate of goods.


3. The glass curtain wall of the building


Many corporate buildings are designed with glass curtain walls, which look good, but have little technical application research value. Now install a LED transparent screen on the inside of the glass curtain wall, so that the glass curtain wall system can also be activated, and can be turned into a display screen by itself. Not only can we fully display the culture of the building, but also bring economic benefits to the development of advertising.


In addition, the led transparent screen has other uses, such as in supermarkets, tourist attractions, playgrounds, etc., and it can be used reasonably to achieve unexpected effects.

What are the benefits of using LED transparent screens in these scenes? 1

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What are the benefits of using LED transparent screens in these scenes? 2

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