The importance of led transparent screens in commercial windows

The emergence of transparent LED screens has enriched the types and display methods of LED display products. In urban life, walking in outdoor commercial streets or inside large comprehensive shopping malls, sometimes you will find transparent LED screens. Involuntarily, sometimes they will take a second look, or even stop into the store to find out. These LED transparent screen glass windows are used by enterprises to promote different products. In fact, whether it is a poster, a light box or a physical display, these are businesses that attract consumers through window advertisements, and now the 5g era has made window digital marketing a new trend, so in the future, the development of 5g will continue to expand, window advertisements Will become the future marketing market. Therefore, as an outdoor advertisement, the window itself has a publicity advantage, and the use of a transparent and leading display window can further expand the significance of display window advertising technology, which will subvert the past form of advertising.


LED transparent screen display principle


LED transparent screen display principle, it looks like a group of guide lights, this design greatly reduces the blockage of structural elements to the line of sight, it can reach 85% transparency, the maximum can improve the perspective effect, it is the clearest, A display device for visual effects. The transparent screen has a novel and unique display effect, which allows the audience to stand at an ideal distance to watch. It is the effect of the image hanging on the glass, and will not affect the original glass lighting function. And the transparent guide display is an active product, modular design, meets the requirements of lifting and installation with a new structural design, becomes to meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor use, ultra-light and ultra-thin. The LED transparent screen has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness, and super long lamp power scheme, which makes the glass curtain wall have good visual and lighting performance, and the design of a noiseless power box and high luminous device ensures that the curtain wall can be viewed outdoors. It is mainly used in large-scale shopping malls, exhibition halls, automobile 4S stores, exhibition centers, jewelry stores, sightseeing elevators, glass stacks, shopping center curtain walls and other large-scale building glass curtain wall exhibition venues.


1. LED transparent screen advertising form


The led transparent screen attracts and interacts in a dynamic way. However, traditional advertising forms can only be presented as static graphics, lack of creativity, and information dissemination is fleeting. LED transparent screens usually set up a large number of public places and traffic channels to attract the active attention of passers-by in the form of visuals and images. Compared with traditional Media viewing is more compulsive. The LED transparent screen can dynamically display the product information that the merchant wants to display on the window through images, videos, etc. When the image is hung on the LED transparent screen, it becomes the most unique existence through beautiful pictures and real all-round product display. The penetration rate of the led transparent screen is 92%, and the environment can be seen through the displayed image.


2. Energy saving and environmental protection


Led transparent screens are used for advertising, energy saving, environmental protection, and all-weather work, fully adapt to various outdoor harsh environments, and have anti-corrosion, waterproof, lightning protection, shockproof, high cost performance, and good display performance. 6000cd/m2 is still displayed under strong light, with highly integrated design, ultra-low power consumption and 100w/min.


3. Information dissemination


Every time a traditional window advertisement is released, the entire window needs to be redesigned and replaced, which requires labor costs and time-consuming. Outdoor traction display, the resolution can reach high-definition picture quality, colorful. As an audio-visual collection, in addition to rotating pictures, the traction display can also receive various signal transmissions and dynamic video playback to further cater to the interests of the audience.


LED transparent screens ushered in the best development opportunities in the field of commercial windows. Whether it is the technical development of transparent screens or the cognitive focus and acceptance of transparent screens in construction-related industries, the display of LED transparent screens has given glass curtain walls, glass The second life of the window makes the glass more dynamic and makes the city life more colorful!

The importance of led transparent screens in commercial windows 1

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The importance of led transparent screens in commercial windows 2

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