Let the outdoor LED transparent screen achieve heat dissipation and moisture resistance should do so

The weather problem is an irresistible natural problem. How can we keep the transparent screen in good heat dissipation in high temperature weather? Or in the case of rainy weather, the transparent screen can be well protected from moisture. This is the problem that outdoor LED transparent screens need to face. Then outdoor LED transparent screens should do so to achieve heat dissipation and moisture resistance. Lets learn about it below:


The weather is an irresistible natural factor, and these are irresistible. How to make the transparent screen maintain good heat dissipation in high temperature weather, or make the transparent screen do a good job of moisture-proof in rainy weather, this is the thorny problem faced by outdoor LED transparent screens.


1. The influence of the humid environment on the transparent screen


Since the internal components of the LED transparent screen are humidity-sensitive components, once moisture enters the components, it may cause oxidation and corrosion of components such as lamp beads, PCB boards, power supplies, and power lines, and cause the entire transparent screen bottle body to die and malfunction. The module, internal structure and external chassis of the LED screen in the early stage must be designed to be strictly moisture-proof and waterproof.


2. The influence of high temperature on the transparent screen


At the same time, the internal components of the LED transparent screen are also the electronic components that generate the most heat, such as LED lamp beads, driver ICs, switching power supplies, etc. In particularly high temperature weather, the use of poor heat dissipation methods will oxidize the screen material, affecting quality and life. What's more serious is that if the temperature is too high, the heat cannot be dissipated, which will cause damage to the internal components of the transparent screen and cause screen failure.


3. In hot weather or humid weather, do a good job of heat dissipation and moisture-proof


In hot weather or humid weather, how do we take heat dissipation or moisture-proof measures? In fact, LED transparent screens can be solved through exquisite hardware and careful structural design.


It has to be said that reducing power consumption and heat loss is an effective way to improve heat dissipation. Considering the heat dissipation and oxidation resistance of the chassis material, high-quality aluminum is selected. The interior of the chassis adopts a multi-layer space structure to form an overall transparent convection heat dissipation structure, which can make full use of natural air for convection heat dissipation. Also improve the module production process, rationally optimize the box structure, and seal and waterproof design, which can play a very good moisture-proof effect.


The above three aspects are about how to achieve heat dissipation and moisture-proof measures for outdoor LED transparent screens. In the process of using transparent screens, the LED transparent screen on the back panel is not only heat-dissipating, but also has a great role in dealing with waterproof performance. convenience.

Let the outdoor LED transparent screen achieve heat dissipation and moisture resistance should do so 1

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Let the outdoor LED transparent screen achieve heat dissipation and moisture resistance should do so 2

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