LED transparent screen has won unanimous recognition in the new retail market and has received wides

Today 5G and"new retail"With the rise of such concepts and the emergence of LED transparent screen display products, they have been widely used in every corner of the city. Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S stores, windows and other places with glass, the huge imagination space of LED transparent screens is gradually becoming a reality.


The market potential of LED transparent screens is gradually released


In the outdoor advertising market, conventional full-color LED display is a more suitable carrier. However, the light pollution of LED display defects is also more prominent. With the strengthening of national environmental protection work, multiple reasons such as light pollution, city appearance impact and LED display structure safety issues have also attracted market attention have hindered the outdoor LED display advertising market.


LED transparent screen products have the advantages of high transparency, invisible installation, high-brightness display, etc., which solve the problems of conventional full-color LED displays without affecting the city's appearance. The LED transparent screen adopts the method of indoor installation and outdoor display of advertisements through transparent glass, and this installation method does not need to go through the approval process. The application of glass curtain walls in cities has become a popular product, and the technical application of led transparent screens has gradually matured, and its sales market will be wider.


New retail promotes the accelerated expansion of the LED transparent screen market


Under the leadership of Alibaba and other technology giants, the new offline retail industry is expanding rapidly, and creative advertising display carriers such as LED transparent screens provide retail with better advertising display methods. Customers are attracted to enter the store by such advertisements, and the LED display screen in the physical store can display a variety of product information and transaction information, etc., which promotes an increase in transaction rate. The internationally renowned brand - Uniqlo has long used LED display screens to advertise its creative display for stores.


New retail will definitely bring more directions for the development of the commercial display market and more channels for the LED display market. The LED transparent screen has risen rapidly in a short period of time with its new application form, leading technology development and design concept close to the needs of the public, and a new blue ocean market has taken shape.


While solving the pain points of existing products, LED transparent screens have gradually matured product technology, controlled costs, and made more creativity. At the same time, because LED transparent screens adopt a new situation of indoor advertising and outdoor communication , Well circumvent the approval of outdoor advertising. Therefore, it has won the unanimous approval of everyone in the market, and has received extensive attention and enthusiasm.

LED transparent screen has won unanimous recognition in the new retail market and has received wides 1

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LED transparent screen has won unanimous recognition in the new retail market and has received wides 2

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