How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen? From these six aspects

How to identify the quality of LED transparent screens? With the continuous development of LED transparent display technology, transparent display products are becoming more and more mature, and there are more and more LED transparent screen manufacturers, with a wide variety of products and uneven quality. Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction to some tips for purchasing transparent screens, hoping to help you.


1. Identify wires. Wires are the details of LED transparent screen products, and details determine success or failure. More than 90% of the failures of conventional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are caused by wire damage. A more direct way to identify the quality of the wire is to peel off the sheath and count the number of wire cores inside.

2. Compare brightness. LED transparent screens need different brightness when used in different positions. For example, if they are installed on glass curtain walls or glass windows for external display, they need to be bright, and for pure indoor environments, they need low brightness. Choosing the right brightness can not only ensure the display effect of the screen, but also ensure the cost. The higher the brightness, the higher the requirements for the transparent screen lamp beads, and the cost is relatively high. The brightness can be experienced intuitively by our naked eyes, and a more scientific method can be measured with a light gun.

3. Watch the display of uniformity. The uniformity of the display is mainly observed when the transparent screen is illuminated with white light, and we must pay attention to see if there is any color difference. Whether there is chromatic aberration is the most important part of distinguishing quality from good or bad, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent screens.

4. Experience the lamp bead temperature. After the LED transparent screen is lit for a period of time, touch the LED lamp beads with your hands. If the temperature is very high or even hot, it must not be as stable as the low temperature.

5. Light transmittance. The biggest advantage of the transparent screen is the high light transmittance, which basically does not affect the indoor lighting and viewing sight after installation. The main factor of the light transmittance is the width of the transparent screen PCB, so most LED transparent screen manufacturers will guarantee the screen display effect to Make the PCB as narrow as possible while maintaining the quality, which can increase the light transmittance of the screen.

6. Solder joint quality. If the solder joints are full, it proves that the welding process is good, and if the brightness is high, it proves that the solder is used well; if it is serious, it is a virtual solder joint, which is prone to poor contact and troublesome follow-up maintenance.

If the LED transparent screen manufacturers are doing very well in the above aspects, it means that the product quality of this company is one of the best, and consumers can buy and use it with confidence.

How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen? From these six aspects 1


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