How to deal with water entering the led transparent screen

During the use of the led transparent screen, especially for the glass curtain wall or outdoor environment, if it suddenly encounters weather such as rain, water ingress and seepage, if it continues to be used, it is prone to failure. For the use of led transparent screens, if there is rain intrusion, how should we deal with such occasional emergency situations?


First of all, when water is found in the LED transparent screen, it should be dealt with urgently, and the power should be cut off immediately without delay. Otherwise, there may be continuous dead lights, which will seriously damage the circuit of the screen. Secondly, organize personnel to use fans or other equipment to dry the LED transparent screen body that has entered the water.


After knowing that the display panel in the screen is dry, for the sake of insurance, it is necessary to light up the aging of the screen body, the steps are as follows:


Adjust the brightness (full white) to 10%, and power it on for 8 hours. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 30%, and power on and age for 8 hours. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 60%, and age it for 8 hours. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 80%, and age it for 8 hours. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 100%, and age it for 8 hours.


After completing the above steps, the LED transparent screen will basically return to normal. If the above steps cannot make the LED transparent screen display normally, please contact the manufacturer's maintenance personnel in time to deal with it.

How to deal with water entering the led transparent screen 1

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How to deal with water entering the led transparent screen 2

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