Application scenarios of LED grid screen

The LED mesh screen has the advantages of high transparency, high brightness, and waterproof. The flexible mesh screen can be customized into various shapes to display various video programs conveniently, and is suitable for special applications such as oceans. At the same time, the led grid screen can display various lighting transformation effects designed by professional designers, showing infinite artistic charm. Let's learn about the application scenarios of the LED grid screen?


What are the application scenarios of LED grid screens?


1. Building facade/glass curtain wall: The characteristics of the LED grid screen make it almost unnecessary to install steel structure, so the impact on the surface of the building or glass curtain wall is minimized;


2. Cultural tourism projects/stage dance beauty: LED grid screens can be built according to the requirements of cultural tourism projects and stage shapes. Using the transparent and thin characteristics of the LED screen itself, it can produce a strong perspective effect and make the depth of field of the whole picture change. Long, so that the image on the net screen and the real scene behind have a superimposed effect, forming a visual feast that combines reality and reality, and seems real and illusory.


3. Park Square/Science and Technology Exhibition Hall: The flexible and customized design of the grid screen can be matched with different shapes and building surfaces. In this kind of scene, various creative lighting concepts can be flexibly realized, such as somatosensory interaction, Infrared sensor, lighting scene interaction, etc.

Application scenarios of LED grid screen 1

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