LED crystal screen: transparent, light and attractive MAX!

LED crystal screen: transparent, light and attractive MAX! 

LED crystal screen: transparent, light and attractive MAX! The traditional LED display screen is heavy, bulky, complicated in power supply and difficult to install. However, our LED crystal honing screen is different. It adopts a light and thin design. The size of a single module is only 480*960mm, and the weight is only 2KG, which is very light. In addition, it also uses high-permeability crystal film carrier, PVD crystal plating technology, micron-scale metal grid, and the light transmittance is nearly 95%, which makes the whole screen look more transparent and the visual effect more excellent. At the same time, our LED crystal honing screen also adopts flexible screen technology, which can be suitable for curly, arc and cylindrical special-shaped scenes. Whether it is exhibition, stage performance, sports events or commercial space, it can be spliced and installed according to the needs to create a unique visual effect. Moreover, its thickness is only 2MM, which makes it thinner and more space-saving.

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