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XinHe Led Point Light Factories-1 1
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XinHe Led Point Light Factories-1


Company Advantages

· XinHe led point light factories is manufactured with utmost care and precision using quality-guaranteed materials and leading-edge technology.

· The product has high structural strength. This enables it to withstand daily wear and tear or heavy workload while maintaining reliability.

· Its high-quality illumination effect and its high color rendering make the product widely recognized by users. For example, thanks to its high CRI, the product is free of any light spots which cause vision uncomfortableness.

Product Display

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Product Advantages

Totally sealed and waterproof IP67
Strong pressure resistance and good weather resistance
Flame retardant PC anti-UV
Small and easy to install

Product Features

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Overall encapsulated waterproof IP67

The protection level of lamps is as high as IP67, which is dust-proof and water-proof, with remarkable effect, and is suitable for various installation environments.

Strong pressure resistance and good weather resistance

Strong pressure resistance, good weather resistance, and the quality of lamps is guaranteed.

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Flame retardant PC anti-UV

Lamps are made of flame-retardant PC and UV-resistant, so the service life of lamps is longer.

Small and easy to install

Adhesive, screw installation, a variety of quick installation.

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Product Specification

Product specification
Product specification XH-G10021M24 ,XH-G10021P24 ,XH-G10021PRGBW24,XH-G10028(RGB+W)
Operating voltage DC24V,DC24V,DC24V,DC24V
Light source color R/G/B/2000-6500K/Other custom colors,RGB,RGBW,RGB+W
Power 5W,5W,6W,8W
Control Monochrome on-off,DMX512 difference,DMX512 difference,DMX512 difference
luminous flux 260LM(6500K),80LM(RGB Mixed white light),80LM(RGB Mixed white light),100LM(RGB Mixed white light)
Measure Φ104x38.3mm
Sheathing material PC
Single lamp weight 200g
Luminous angle 180°
Working temperature -20°C to ±60°C
Average life span >30000h
Safety protection:
The protection grades IP67
Flame retardant rating V-0 level
Electrical safety grade III kind
Impact resistance grade IK10
Salt spray test Salt spray resistance

Company Features

· Shenzhen Xinhe Optoelectronic Lighting Co., Ltd. produces a variety of led point light factories with outstanding features.

· XinHe has been working to improve the quality of led point light factories.

· To embrace a more sustainable future, we aim to achieve sustainability at various stages such as purchasing raw materials, shortening lead time, and reducing manufacturing expenses through waste reduction.

Product Details

XinHe's led point light factories has excellent performances, which are reflected in the following details.

Application of the Product

Our led point light factories can be used in multiple scenarios.

XinHe can provide customers with one-stop solutions of high quality, and meet customers' needs to the greatest extent.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products, our led point light factories has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

XinHe's core team members have rich production experience and master the core industry technology.

We have a professional customer service team to provide you with free technical advice and guidance.

Our company continues to carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'based on integrity, advance with the times, develop and innovate', and we follow the business philosophy of 'customer first, sincerest service'. Centered in customers, we are committed to providing high-quality products and comprehensive services and becoming a national leading enterprise renowned by the industry.

After years of development, our company has gradually transformed into industrial integration. We continuously strengthen brand marketing and channels construction, so as to expand market share. Up to now, we have become a powerful industry leader.

XinHe strives to open up the domestic and international market. LED Point Light,LED Mesh Screen,LED Pixel Light are sold well in China and exported to some countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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