Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 1
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 2
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 3
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 4
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 5
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 1
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 2
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 3
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 4
Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand 5

Led Mesh Curtain XinHe Brand

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Product details of the led mesh curtain

Product Introduction

Advanced production technology is utilized to manufacture XinHe led mesh curtain in accordance with international standards. The product dramatically improves the appearance of objects thanks to the high CRI. Its light is close to the sun's, reflecting colors truly and naturally. Shenzhen Xinhe Optoelectronic Lighting Co., Ltd. develops together with cooperators to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Product Display

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Product Advantages

Protection IP67
Various densities are available
Bolt splicing steel wire fixation Transparent self-heat dissipation
Durable and long life

Product Features

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Protection IP67

Create a fully sealed waterproof structure, suitable for any installation environment.

Various densities are available

High flatness, highly uniform spacing and free choice.

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3 (51)

Bolt splicing steel wire fixation

The installation is convenient and fast, which can save a lot of manpower and material costs.

Transparent self-heat dissipation

Does not affect the ventilation and lighting of the screen, reduces the weight, effectively dissipates heat and prolongs the service life.

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Product Specification

Product specification
Product specification XH-HXH30-1,XH-HXH30-3,XH-HXH30-4
Operating voltage DC05V,DC12V,DC12V
Light source color RGB/RGB+W,RGB/RGBW,RGB+W
Single power 0.3/0.4W,0.75W,1W
Control DMX512,DMX512,DMX512
Pixels per inch 100pcs,100pcs,100pcs,
Pixel spacing 100mm,100mm,100mm
Maximum power 30/40W,80/100W,80/100W
Screen weight 2.7kg,2.7kg,2.7kg
Safety protection:
Shell material flame retardant PC bracket+silicone grease
Luminous angle 160°
The protection grades IP67
Electrical safety grade III kind
Working temperature -20°C to ±60°C
Flame retardant rating V-0 level
Impact resistance grade IK10
Average life span >30000h
Salt spray test Salt spray resistance

Company Advantage

• XinHe's location enjoys traffic convenience and has complete infrastructures around. All these provide good conditions for our company's rapid development.
• A number of industry experts are hired to provide technical guidance. And technical support is provided by a professional R&D team. All these provide motivation for XinHe's continuous development.
• It has already been years since XinHe was established. During these years, our company has realized the leap-forward development.
The discounts vary according to jewelry's styles. Feel free to contact XinHe for details.

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