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Cheap Led Wall Washer XinHe Manufacture 1
Cheap Led Wall Washer XinHe Manufacture 2
Cheap Led Wall Washer XinHe Manufacture 3
Cheap Led Wall Washer XinHe Manufacture 4

Cheap Led Wall Washer XinHe Manufacture

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Company Advantages

· Every material that is used in the production of XinHe cheap led wall washer is non-toxic, completely safe.

· The product is driven by the direct current which determines the brightness it emits. This product is created with a capacity to withstand high current flow, yet without damaging its chips.

· Adopting advanced solid-state technology and containing no glass inside, there is no risk of serious injury in case a bulb breaks.

Product Display

1 - 副本 (12)
1 - 副本 (12)
2 - 副本 (17)
2 - 副本 (17)
3 - 副本 (17)
3 - 副本 (17)
4 - 副本 (17)
4 - 副本 (17)

Product Advantages

overall encapsulation waterproof IP65
Over temperature overload protection
Full color constant current drive
High tensile aluminum

Product Features

1 - 副本 (8)

Overall encapsulated waterproof IP65

The protection level is as high as IP65, which is suitable for various installation environments.

Over temperature overload protection

Lamps are protected by over-temperature and overload, which protects the life of lamps and is durable.

2 - 副本 (18)
3 - 副本 (18)

Full color constant current drive 

Lamps and lanterns are driven by full-color constant current, with high brightness beads, stable light emission and uniform light color.

High tensile aluminum

High-strength stretched aluminum profile structure, anodized surface or sprayed according to environmental requirements, is durable.

4 - 副本 (18)

Product Specification

Product specification
Product specification XH-XQ3223M24,XH-XQ3223P24
Operating voltage DC24V,DC24V
Light source color R/G/B/Y/W(1800-6500K),RGB
Power 24W,24W
Control Monochrome on-off,DMX512 
Measure L1000xW32xH23mm
Sheathing material Aluminum alloy+tempered glass mask
Luminous angle 10x45°/10x45°;45°/60°
Average life span >30000h
The protection grades IP65

Company Features

· Shenzhen Xinhe Optoelectronic Lighting Co., Ltd. is a cheap led wall washer manufacturer integrating production and sales.

· We have an experienced research and development team. They embrace a wealth of expertise and industry know-how in the cheap led wall washer field, which enables them to provide technical services and to help clients quickly and efficiently to complete product development.

· We offer high-quality innovative products on a competitive basis. Our solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. Inquire now!

Product Details

Adhering to the concept of 'details and quality make achievement', we will work harder on the following details of cheap led wall washer to make our products more advantageous.

Application of the Product

XinHe's cheap led wall washer is available in a wide range of applications.

While providing quality products, XinHe is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Product Comparison

We demand ourselves in the production of cheap led wall washer with stricter standards. Based on this, we ensure that our products have advantages over the general products in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company's production personnel are experienced and have deep understanding about the industry. Moreover, they are proficient in the whole production, providing strong support for quality products.

XinHe insists on the principle to be active, prompt, and thoughtful. We are dedicated to providing professional and efficient services for customers.

XinHe always considers talent as one of the decisive factors for our sustainable development. Focusing on people and striving for common development are our corporate tenet. A talents team, created based on local, is the soul of the enterprise and also the motivation for rapid development.

Through the rapid development for years, XinHe has now developed into a modern enterprise with the scientific management system and superb processing technology.

Our business scope is centered on the city, and it has expanded into many central cities across the country in a diamond shape. It has opened up the international market with a diversified chain marketing perspective. At present, our products share has been increased rapidly in the international market.

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