Wiring method of LED point light source

The LED point light source can be freely programmed to control multiple synchronous changes, which can realize full-color change effects such as synchronous colorful, jumping, scanning, and flowing water. LED point light sources can not only be used for dot matrix display screens, but also can be used for the outline of buildings, bridges and other buildings in urban lighting projects, and interior lighting projects for entertainment places such as hotels and hotels. Let's take a look at how the LED point light source wiring is connected?


The method of LED point light source wiring:


1. Strip the wires, strip off each wire end, 5cm long enough.


2. Wiring starts from the power supply. Connect the wire end of the two-pin plug to the 220V power connector of the 12V power supply, and then connect to the L and N pins respectively. After plugging in the power supply, a green indicator light will always be on.


3. Connect the point light source to the controller and the 12V power supply. There is a current direction behind the point light source board (the power supply must follow the direction of the arrow, otherwise it will be uncontrollable or the light will not light up, or even burn out the point light source). For example, the first pin 12V (connected to the positive pole of the power supply), the second pin DAI (signal input) and the third pin GND (connected to the negative pole of the power supply).


The point light source of the series signal only needs to be connected to the DA/A pin and the GND pin (GND must be connected to the negative pole of the power supply). The parallel signal needs to be connected to all three wires, and the connection is completed according to the one-to-one correspondence of the electric board wires of the lamp.


4. After the wiring is completed, check it, and then respectively insert the 12V power plug and the controller plug into the AC 220V plug-in board to power on, and then the desired light can be displayed through the program.

Wiring method of LED point light source 1

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A point light source refers to an important element in an optical system, which is the place where light is generated. In computer graphics and optical design, point sources are commonly used to simulate the emission of light, and the light they emit is scattered from a point in various directions.
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A point light source refers to a very small and very bright light source, usually used to simulate the behavior of point light sources in the physical world. In computer graphics and image processing, point lights are commonly used to create shadows and lighting effects to enhance the realism and stereoscopic feel of images. In the real world, a point light source can be a very bright light bulb, spotlight, or other light source with strong lighting effects. In computer graphics, a point light source is typically modeled as a light source at a position, with light radiating uniformly in all directions.
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