LED point light sources are suitable for a variety of places

As the use of LED point light source products continues to become popular, what advantages does a high-quality and low-priced LED point light source have in order to be recognized by consumers? The principle of a point light source is to mix colors through thousands of pixels. Utilize the visual characteristics of the human eye to display various graphics and colors from point to surface. Intelligent lamps and lanterns can make various curtain lights, walls, and advertising wall lights display very Diversified patterns, to achieve better decoration effect, let's learn about it below:


1. Diversification of applicable places


LED point light sources can not only be used in dot-matrix display screens, but also can be used to outline houses, bridge lights and buildings in urban lighting projects, and indoor lighting decoration in hotels and KTV entertainment places. It can be seen that LED point light sources have a very large Application prospect and market space.


2. Good effect


One of the advantages of using LED point light source is that it can realize the synchronous change of any multiple controls, which can make the large screen appear a variety of rich and varied effects, such as synchronous colorful, full-flow and jumping effects, and can also be used simultaneously. Turn multiple point light sources into a dot-matrix screen, changing the effects of various text, pictures and animations. The effect of led point light source attracts more passers-by's attention, and virtually achieves the effect of publicity and increasing popularity.


3. Strong function


The LED point light source can be connected with the computer system to continue to transmit various information content in real time, such as the function of timely and effectively replacing the related advertising video and audio content. At the same time, the pixels of the LED point light source screen can be adjusted, and its display accuracy will be appropriately changed and adapted with the distance of the viewer. Whether it is viewed near or far away, it can meet the viewing effect of large advertisements.


3. Good environmental protection


LED point light source is a kind of high-efficiency technical light source without mercury filling, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of polluting gases to the atmosphere; if combined use of LED point light source and solar battery pack will become environmentally friendly light energy. The production and use of led point light sources pursue the production and design goals. Its lamp body is made of recycled aluminum materials, and the lampshade is also made of polyester lens and rubber sealing ring lamps, which are environmentally friendly materials.


The advantages and characteristics of led point light source products mainly include its rich colors and stunning effects, strong functionality, environmentally friendly materials, and suitability for many different occasions. Of course, the use can achieve such a use effect, and its own quality is the foundation. Therefore, after understanding the advantages of the high-reputation led point light source, you can naturally identify and use the led point light source more accurately.

LED point light sources are suitable for a variety of places 1

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LED point light sources are suitable for a variety of places 2

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A point light source refers to an important element in an optical system, which is the place where light is generated. In computer graphics and optical design, point sources are commonly used to simulate the emission of light, and the light they emit is scattered from a point in various directions.
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A point light source refers to a very small and very bright light source, usually used to simulate the behavior of point light sources in the physical world. In computer graphics and image processing, point lights are commonly used to create shadows and lighting effects to enhance the realism and stereoscopic feel of images. In the real world, a point light source can be a very bright light bulb, spotlight, or other light source with strong lighting effects. In computer graphics, a point light source is typically modeled as a light source at a position, with light radiating uniformly in all directions.
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