How to use led point light source safely?

In the process of using led point light sources, there will always be some difficult problems to solve more or less. Today, I will explain to you how to use them safely, hoping to bring help to customers.


1. Pay attention to the correct connection of the power cord


The power cord should be connected according to the instructions or drawings, and the power supply should be consistent with the working power of the LED point light source, and ensure the good connection between the light and the controller. If the connection of many led point light sources exceeds the original load of the power cord, the power cord should be thickened or reconnected to another power cord to ensure stable performance during use.


2. Pay attention to adopt a reasonable installation method


In order to facilitate later maintenance, it is necessary to adopt a suitable LED point light source installation method and reasonably arrange the controller and electrical positions. At the same time, although the LED point light source is used at night, it should also be considered that the display effect during the day will not be affected after installation, and at the same time ensure that the product can be well fixed in the corresponding position during the installation process.


3. Pay attention to inspection


After all wiring is connected, the led point light source manufacturer reminds that a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to ensure the normal and safe use of the entire system. Therefore, we should check the details one by one, in case any problems can be solved in time. According to the wholesale manufacturer of led point light sources, for example, the terminal part should avoid touching the wires, isolate them with waterproof tape, play an insulating role, and check whether the information lines are reversed.


The above are the three aspects that need to be paid attention to in the safe use of LED point light sources. In addition, attention should be paid to ensure that the voltage and current used are standard DC.

How to use led point light source safely? 1

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How to use led point light source safely? 2

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